Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here's what was with my ordered brush set!!! :D

I didn't expect I'll be receiving these amazing freebies when my order arrived today... The Luxe Kabuki was a real cutie and the concealer brush was beyond what I expected it to be.
Charm Luxe Kabuki

Concealer Brush
The reviews I've read about how soft and beautiful Charm Brushes were truly not exaggerated because I've personally felt and touched how soft their brushes are.

Here's everything I received today. ;) Thanks to Ms. Sophie of Beauty and Minerals.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recent Makeup Buys

Just bought these items recently...

Custom Creations in Medium
This suits my skin really well. I was supposed to buy the Medium/ Deep shade but t'was too dark on me and might waste the dark shade if ever so I opted for the Medium shade instead. I can always use the no. 5 dial if my skin will get darker.
Henna Fix Mascara from Etude (Endorsed by Sandara Park, haha)
I loved the effect of this mascara, I saw how it makes my lashes look curled without the curler, plus it's long-wearing.
Revlon Super Lustrous in Fleshtone
I bought this one because I wanted a moisturized lipstick that'll just maintain the natural color of my lips in the morning. My lips normally turn pale at the end of the day and I want a lipstick that will make it as supple and healthy looking as it is when the day started.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Elianto Concealer


Didn't know I'll be bumping into an Elianto booth at Landmark Makati today. I've read so many reviews about their cream concealer and since then, I can't wait to try it. And I'm happy I was able to buy their concealer in No. 2 today. :)

Will post swatches and review about it soon!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ellana's Retractable Kabuki Brush

This Retractable Kabuki Brush has been a friend to me since summer 2010. I bought it before the start of 2010 classes. At first, I find it very luxurious to buy a P500 worth brush, (I just have to be) but Ellana's Kabuki Brush served me better than I imagined a P500 worth brush would do. It's simply amazing! It's not just skin-friendly, it's pocket-friendly also. :)

Ellana's Retractable Kabuki Brush

The more I wash it, the more it becomes soft!  (I wash it weekly to avoid rashes caused by bacteria accumulated through out the week and no shedding after the first wash)

I'm loving how it serves as my powder brush, blush brush, concealer brush and setting brush! All in a versatile, silver-cased Kabuki Brush. I retract only the upper portion of the bristles when I apply my concealer powder. As for the Foundation, Finishing and Blush, I retract the bristles fully and apply my minerals in a circular motion. :)

After washing

What amazes me more is seeing the same retractable brush in Body Shop (Body Shop's retractable brush is just sleeker and shorter) which costs P1,2++! (I'm not sure If I remembered it's price correctly but the price ranges from 1,100 to 1,900) I just forgot the exact amount.

BS Retractable Brush

Anyways, the exact amount is not important anymore, all I know is I got Ellana's Retractable Kabuki Brush in just half of a one thousand peso. I realized, Ellana brushes are not pricey at all and they're worth more than their prices. :))

Four thumbs up to Ellana and their uber soft brushes!!! Just hope Ellana will manufacture pro brush-sets (12-pc or more) in the future...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ellana Blushes

So far, these are the blushes from Ellana which I think suit my medium warm-toned skin -- Bliss, Lust and Cupid. The first one I purchased was Bliss.

Bliss is a terracotta reddish brown shade. I thought it would be the best for a medium warm skin tone but the color was too pigmented and I actually don't like my blush to be very loud and noticeable. I want my blush simple yet giving me the glow I need. So, I just use the bliss blush to contour or I control the amount when I use it. It's really very pigmented.

Lust. A Peach Pink shade with a sheer Gold Shimmer. I love this shade. It really has a sheer gold shimmer with it. But the shimmer is subtle and beautiful. It complements my warm/ golden undertone. :)
I use it almost everyday. It's my regular mineral blush. :)

Cupid is a light rose pink shade with a sheer pink shimmer. I like it also. The color is simple and light. Not too loud for me. I wanted to use up my Lust Blush first before using it though. It's my second option aside from Lust. I love it's sheer pink shimmer too. :)

Here are the swatches:

L to R: Bliss, Lust and Cupid
The left parts are brushed and blended swatches along side the darker swatches.

Generally, what I like about Ellana blushes are they glide well on the skin. The colors also are so many that you get a chance to choose the best for your skin tone. I'm so loving Ellana's blushes in Bliss, Lust and Cupid! ;)

Butter Rum Coffee Hiliter

I'm also starting to use Ellana's silk glow hiliter in Butter Rum Coffee. I followed the advise of pro make-up artists to highlight the cheekbones, the brow bone, nose bridge and the upper lip. And I'll be using the hiliter regularly from now on. Practice will do the magic. :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pride, Humility...

Pride won't let you accept who you really are...
Humility will let you accept who you really and declare, "Without Christ, I am nothing."

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review on Ellana's Lip/ Cheek Tint in Ruby

Above: Ruby (Crimson Red)
Below: Amethyst (Purplish Red)
I'd like to share  first why I chose Ellana's Lip/ Cheek Tint in Ruby (Crimson Red) over Amethyst (Purplish Red). Amethyst tends to look dark on my morena skin. It looks nice on the lips but when I apply it on my cheeks, it doesn't complement well with my naturally tan skin. That's the reason why I prefer using Ellana's Lip/ Cheek Tint in Ruby as my regular cheek and lip color.

 Ellana's Lip/ Cheek Tint in Ruby gives my cheeks a naturally flushed look. As for the lips, I just have to control the amount to avoid over doing the color. I tiny dot on my finger tip is enough to give color to my lips.

Here's me before and after applying Ruby Lip/ Cheek Tint: (the after pic appeared above the before pic unintentionally C:

Above: With Lip/ Cheek Tint
Below: Without Ruby Lip/Cheek Tint 

Ruby Lip/ Cheek Tint really complements my lip and cheek color. :) It gives me the naturally flushed look I want to achieve. I also have spread a small amount of it on my lips to make it look fresh and healthy. ;)

Newly applied

After spreading
For an experiment, I placed a small amount of Ruby Lip/ Cheek Tint at the right side of my hand (11:00am) before going out and eating lunch. And this is how it still looked after that.

After going to the supermarket and eating lunch
I slept that afternoon. I had my late siesta. I haven't finished this blogged that time yet, so I took another picture of my hands with the Lip/ Cheek Tint and surprisingly the color is still there. Hope the camera had captured the color rightly. I took the shot late afternoon (5:30pm) so, the lighting is not so good anymore.
Notice the color at the right part of my hands?
What I generally like about it:
  • The color stays long.
  • The gel doesn't dry easy giving me enough time to spread.
  • The effect looks natural.
  • The gel really tints/ colors. Some lip/cheek tint doesn't color on first application. Ellana's lip/ cheek tint does and even doubles the color on 2nd application.
  • The gel has NO BITTER TASTE. Some of the lip/ cheek tints I've tried have a bitter or weird taste.
  • The gel has NO WEIRD SMELL. The gel generally has no smell.
  • It's cheap. P180 for a 20ml bottle that'll last for like a year (to me, coz I don't retouch and I use lipstick and powder blush on weekends and other days)

What I don't like about it:
  • The tint stays on your finger after application. (which I guess is normal to any lip/ cheek tint)

Tips and Trick in applying Ellana's Lip/ Cheek Tint Gel: 
  • Apply lip/ cheek tint on the apple of the cheeks. Dot a small amount to your pinkie finger and use it to blend across your cheeks  in a circular motion. 
  • Make sure you really apply it in a circular motion to avoid streaking the color on your cheeks.
  • For the lips, just dot a small amount on your pinkie finger and carefully spread it on your lips. The color will really stick so make sure you apply it carefully to avoid unwanted red-looking spots beside yer lips. 
  • Apply smaller amount for a more natural look.
  • You can also apply lip gloss in the center of the mouth to make the lips look fuller. :) 

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Beauty Regime

I only put my beauty creams and gels at night because I don't like the sticky feeling caused by creams at day. I have normal skin and day creams make my skin feel oily at the heat of the day. So, I do my beauty regime before I go to sleep. Here's what I use... :)
Garnier Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream
I love Garnier Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream because after 2 months of using it, I observed the following:
  • Glowing skin in the morning.
  • Dullness minimized.
  • No irritation.
  • Skin looks supple.
  • Skin actually looks clearer and lighter (though my skin is naturally tan, I still noticed a clearer and suppler  effect after a month of using it)
I don't have other expectations that weren't met that's why I'm satisfied with the product, besides, it's just worth P299. Like I said, I like night creams better than day creams. And during the day, I just make sure I use an umbrella to protect my skin from the sun. :)

Aside from the overnight cream, I also use Garnier Eye roll-on (P299). You wouldn't believe how dark my eye circles are but they are. I guess I have Bombay genes in my blood because I saw some of my relatives having the same dark circles. Also, I often rub my eyes before and after I apply makeups (concealer/foundation) without careful application. But, after I was introduced to the Garnier Eye roll-on, Ellana Make-up Remover and Ellana Concealer Brush, I became more conscious and aware on taking care of the skin around the eyes especially when I know mine is very sensitive.
Garnier Eye Roll-on
Will continue my blog tomorrow :)

Yours Truly,
Kikay morena

Good Friends

There are three good friends I'm gonna be missing so much. They are the Valledor Trio, Bibis, Abi and Shuane (the Valledor's daughter and niece).

Louie (my husband), Me and Bibis
Abi, Shuane and Bibis (Shuane's mom)
Abi and Bibis weren't so hard to like, love or be friends with. They're both lovable like Shuane. They're fun to be with. They have no pretensions, they are adventurous and they really are true friends. No matter what happened, even though they're far, they will always be my friend. And I'll make sure, if there will be opportunities for us to meet again, I'll grab it. I'm gonna miss them so much. They're both a part of my life.

Me and Shuane :)
Shuane was not just a godchild or a friend's daughter, she was more than all that. She was a kabarkada (she has to always be present during our gala, movie watching, shopping, outing, etc). She was like a baby sister, was like my very own. We were not related by blood but I loved her more than a family friend will. She was lovable and sweet. She make sure to call my name whenever she sees me. She hugs me and kisses me even though she hasn't taken a bath or she's wet with sweat. She never misses to show her love for me and I know she does that to every single person she knows. I love Shuane. She even gave me a nickname I didn't expect to have. She pronounced my name incorrectly when she was two years old and up to now, she calls me by that name even though she already knew how to say "Joanne" correctly. Without Shuane, there wouldn't be 'Jundan". That's why I'm gonna miss her. I'm gonna miss Shuane so badly. I hope she won't forget Jundan. I hope 5 years is enough to make her remember us all even after many years. :)

Every moments with my good friends are worth remembering. Bibis, you're a treasure like Abi and Shuane. I love the three of you. :) I'm gonna miss you all so badly...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mauve it Over and Cocoa Craving Matte Lipstick from Revlon

First, I would like to share the experiences I've been through before I was able to find a nice lipstick that'll suit my morena skin. I'm not really a fan of lipsticks because my lips are naturally pink and healthy. They aren't too red but, since I normally don't smoke, it has a morena pink color when I wake up or at the start of the day. It just turns pale during midday, in the heat of the sun or in a very cool room temperature. Because of that, I started my adventure on finding the right lipstick. As I said, I'm not an avid fan of lipsticks but now, I guess I'm becoming to be. :)

In my adventure of finding a nice neutral/pink lipstick for myself, I practically bought all pink NYX lippies online just to find the lipstick that won't make me look old but, I got bored waiting for them to be ordered and shipped from abroad that's why I continued looking for one. I used to try the lipsticks my mom buy for me. She's the one who always has a say on my style, makeup and clothes. But I didn't like any of the lipsticks she bought me. She usually buys earth colored lipstick that was too dark or red. I wasn't comfortable with the colors and shades. That's why before, I hated buying or using lipsticks. I also had a thought that red lipsticks might look too loud and awkward on my morena skin. But as Ms. Shen, one of the beauty blogger I follow (and is my favorite) said, "Never say never!".

Anyways, I'm still not yet into red lipsticks and I'm still wanting to find a neutral colored/ pink lipstick that'll suit me. So, I went to ATC and checked the lipsticks available in PCX. I tried Revlon lipsticks immediately because I saw one of my friends with Revlon Matte Pink Pout and In the Red and it really looks nice on her though her chosen shades weren't my type because my skin tone's different from hers.
Left to Right: Abi and Coy (with Pink Pout Matte Lipstick)

Bibis (With In the Red Matte Lipstick)
And like I said, Revlon really looked nice. So I tried the shades that caught my eyes and the first one I picked was Mauve it Over.
Mauve It Over Matte Lipstick
Oye! I loved it! It's the first time I loved a lipstick ever (HAHA). I loved how the color looks natural on my skin. It gives my lips a naturally pink shade. It's not glossy yet it's till moist. I love its matte finish! I love Mauve it Over Matte from Revlon :) I will definitely post a swatch of it after I charge my camera battery. :)

So here's the late posting of me with my mauve it over lipstick. :)

Me with Mauve It Over

I also liked Cocoa Craving. It was not my first choice but when I tried it, it also looks nice on my skin tone while giving the whole face a formal look. I see wearing it with my corporate attires or formal Sunday dresses. Will also post a picture of me wearing it soon. :)

Cocoa Craving Matte Lipstick

Another late post of me wearing Revlon's Matte Cocoa Craving lpstick :)

At night

With flash

In normal lighting

Btw, thanks to Louie, my husband, who bought these for me. I'm kinda hesitant to buy them at first because I don't have work yet and we also have financial priorities. Since Louie's the only one working, I'm most of the time hesitant to ask him to buy things for me. Well, I'll make sure I'll practice asking from him more often this time. Hehe. Just kidding. ;)

Do you also have a morena skin? What lipstick do you use? Which is the best of all the lipsticks you've used? And what can you recommend for me? :)

Your Kikay Morena,

A Kikay has Sprung

I am very new to blogging so, please understand if I may not be able to blog out all my thoughts naturally and if you may not find what you expect from my blogs. C:

There's so many things to say. I have so many kikay thoughts about this and that and I don't know how to say it or what to say first. Since it's my first time blogging out my thoughts and passions about makeups, I know everyone would understand if I won't be able to start this post easy, continue it smoothly and end it dramatically.HAHA

So, let me start by telling why I named my blogspot "Kikay Morena". First, I'm kikay. That simple. I have seven brothers and I'm the only daughter and I'm still wondering why I am, but, fortunately YES, I became one! With no sister/s to explore the kikay world with me nor mother that would give me tips on how to put makeup or how to choose the right shade,  I still became a makeup addict and a slightly vain girl. (I'm stil not admitting it, shoo pride!)

Kuya Luis, Paul, Louie (my hubby), Me, Kuya August, and Matt

Matt, Kuya Eric, Paul, Mama, Kuya Luis, Kuya August, Me and Louie (Eldest brother not here)

My mother has no interest in makeup, in fact she just made her brows tattooed and had permanent eyeliners on her lids so she won't have to put makeup anymore. That's how she doesn't have any interest or whatsoever about makeup. Now you would understand why I'm this suppressed (laughs). So, please bear with me and my kakikayan and kadaldalan.

Second, I called this "Kikay Morena" because I am morena.
According to the Urban Dictionary, morena is "a spanish word used to describe Latinas who are tanned/dark (i.e., dark hair-brunette, dark eyes, dark skin) in varying degrees. Used in contrast to Gringa or Guedo for a White Latina, Negra for a Black Latina and Asians aren't usually included in this definition." 
And since the Spaniards have colonized our country before, we adopted the word to describe dark or tan-skinned women like me. :)
I am a warm-medium toned Filipina and after an hour under the sun, I am a warm-deep toned Pinay. I tan that easy. Well, I'm normally tan actually (HAHA)! But I love my color. I usually hated it before because I get teased because of it. But now, I love it. I use all the kikay knowledge and powers I have to complement and bring out the best on my natural skin color. :) I am proud to be MORENA. :)


So, this is how Kikay Morena started. A morena wanting to burst out, inspired by artists and bloggers she followed in the net, and moved by her passion for makeup, vanity and every little thing related to it, started.