Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Friends

There are three good friends I'm gonna be missing so much. They are the Valledor Trio, Bibis, Abi and Shuane (the Valledor's daughter and niece).

Louie (my husband), Me and Bibis
Abi, Shuane and Bibis (Shuane's mom)
Abi and Bibis weren't so hard to like, love or be friends with. They're both lovable like Shuane. They're fun to be with. They have no pretensions, they are adventurous and they really are true friends. No matter what happened, even though they're far, they will always be my friend. And I'll make sure, if there will be opportunities for us to meet again, I'll grab it. I'm gonna miss them so much. They're both a part of my life.

Me and Shuane :)
Shuane was not just a godchild or a friend's daughter, she was more than all that. She was a kabarkada (she has to always be present during our gala, movie watching, shopping, outing, etc). She was like a baby sister, was like my very own. We were not related by blood but I loved her more than a family friend will. She was lovable and sweet. She make sure to call my name whenever she sees me. She hugs me and kisses me even though she hasn't taken a bath or she's wet with sweat. She never misses to show her love for me and I know she does that to every single person she knows. I love Shuane. She even gave me a nickname I didn't expect to have. She pronounced my name incorrectly when she was two years old and up to now, she calls me by that name even though she already knew how to say "Joanne" correctly. Without Shuane, there wouldn't be 'Jundan". That's why I'm gonna miss her. I'm gonna miss Shuane so badly. I hope she won't forget Jundan. I hope 5 years is enough to make her remember us all even after many years. :)

Every moments with my good friends are worth remembering. Bibis, you're a treasure like Abi and Shuane. I love the three of you. :) I'm gonna miss you all so badly...

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