Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Kikay has Sprung

I am very new to blogging so, please understand if I may not be able to blog out all my thoughts naturally and if you may not find what you expect from my blogs. C:

There's so many things to say. I have so many kikay thoughts about this and that and I don't know how to say it or what to say first. Since it's my first time blogging out my thoughts and passions about makeups, I know everyone would understand if I won't be able to start this post easy, continue it smoothly and end it dramatically.HAHA

So, let me start by telling why I named my blogspot "Kikay Morena". First, I'm kikay. That simple. I have seven brothers and I'm the only daughter and I'm still wondering why I am, but, fortunately YES, I became one! With no sister/s to explore the kikay world with me nor mother that would give me tips on how to put makeup or how to choose the right shade,  I still became a makeup addict and a slightly vain girl. (I'm stil not admitting it, shoo pride!)

Kuya Luis, Paul, Louie (my hubby), Me, Kuya August, and Matt

Matt, Kuya Eric, Paul, Mama, Kuya Luis, Kuya August, Me and Louie (Eldest brother not here)

My mother has no interest in makeup, in fact she just made her brows tattooed and had permanent eyeliners on her lids so she won't have to put makeup anymore. That's how she doesn't have any interest or whatsoever about makeup. Now you would understand why I'm this suppressed (laughs). So, please bear with me and my kakikayan and kadaldalan.

Second, I called this "Kikay Morena" because I am morena.
According to the Urban Dictionary, morena is "a spanish word used to describe Latinas who are tanned/dark (i.e., dark hair-brunette, dark eyes, dark skin) in varying degrees. Used in contrast to Gringa or Guedo for a White Latina, Negra for a Black Latina and Asians aren't usually included in this definition." 
And since the Spaniards have colonized our country before, we adopted the word to describe dark or tan-skinned women like me. :)
I am a warm-medium toned Filipina and after an hour under the sun, I am a warm-deep toned Pinay. I tan that easy. Well, I'm normally tan actually (HAHA)! But I love my color. I usually hated it before because I get teased because of it. But now, I love it. I use all the kikay knowledge and powers I have to complement and bring out the best on my natural skin color. :) I am proud to be MORENA. :)


So, this is how Kikay Morena started. A morena wanting to burst out, inspired by artists and bloggers she followed in the net, and moved by her passion for makeup, vanity and every little thing related to it, started.

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