Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mauve it Over and Cocoa Craving Matte Lipstick from Revlon

First, I would like to share the experiences I've been through before I was able to find a nice lipstick that'll suit my morena skin. I'm not really a fan of lipsticks because my lips are naturally pink and healthy. They aren't too red but, since I normally don't smoke, it has a morena pink color when I wake up or at the start of the day. It just turns pale during midday, in the heat of the sun or in a very cool room temperature. Because of that, I started my adventure on finding the right lipstick. As I said, I'm not an avid fan of lipsticks but now, I guess I'm becoming to be. :)

In my adventure of finding a nice neutral/pink lipstick for myself, I practically bought all pink NYX lippies online just to find the lipstick that won't make me look old but, I got bored waiting for them to be ordered and shipped from abroad that's why I continued looking for one. I used to try the lipsticks my mom buy for me. She's the one who always has a say on my style, makeup and clothes. But I didn't like any of the lipsticks she bought me. She usually buys earth colored lipstick that was too dark or red. I wasn't comfortable with the colors and shades. That's why before, I hated buying or using lipsticks. I also had a thought that red lipsticks might look too loud and awkward on my morena skin. But as Ms. Shen, one of the beauty blogger I follow (and is my favorite) said, "Never say never!".

Anyways, I'm still not yet into red lipsticks and I'm still wanting to find a neutral colored/ pink lipstick that'll suit me. So, I went to ATC and checked the lipsticks available in PCX. I tried Revlon lipsticks immediately because I saw one of my friends with Revlon Matte Pink Pout and In the Red and it really looks nice on her though her chosen shades weren't my type because my skin tone's different from hers.
Left to Right: Abi and Coy (with Pink Pout Matte Lipstick)

Bibis (With In the Red Matte Lipstick)
And like I said, Revlon really looked nice. So I tried the shades that caught my eyes and the first one I picked was Mauve it Over.
Mauve It Over Matte Lipstick
Oye! I loved it! It's the first time I loved a lipstick ever (HAHA). I loved how the color looks natural on my skin. It gives my lips a naturally pink shade. It's not glossy yet it's till moist. I love its matte finish! I love Mauve it Over Matte from Revlon :) I will definitely post a swatch of it after I charge my camera battery. :)

So here's the late posting of me with my mauve it over lipstick. :)

Me with Mauve It Over

I also liked Cocoa Craving. It was not my first choice but when I tried it, it also looks nice on my skin tone while giving the whole face a formal look. I see wearing it with my corporate attires or formal Sunday dresses. Will also post a picture of me wearing it soon. :)

Cocoa Craving Matte Lipstick

Another late post of me wearing Revlon's Matte Cocoa Craving lpstick :)

At night

With flash

In normal lighting

Btw, thanks to Louie, my husband, who bought these for me. I'm kinda hesitant to buy them at first because I don't have work yet and we also have financial priorities. Since Louie's the only one working, I'm most of the time hesitant to ask him to buy things for me. Well, I'll make sure I'll practice asking from him more often this time. Hehe. Just kidding. ;)

Do you also have a morena skin? What lipstick do you use? Which is the best of all the lipsticks you've used? And what can you recommend for me? :)

Your Kikay Morena,

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