Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review on Ellana's Lip/ Cheek Tint in Ruby

Above: Ruby (Crimson Red)
Below: Amethyst (Purplish Red)
I'd like to share  first why I chose Ellana's Lip/ Cheek Tint in Ruby (Crimson Red) over Amethyst (Purplish Red). Amethyst tends to look dark on my morena skin. It looks nice on the lips but when I apply it on my cheeks, it doesn't complement well with my naturally tan skin. That's the reason why I prefer using Ellana's Lip/ Cheek Tint in Ruby as my regular cheek and lip color.

 Ellana's Lip/ Cheek Tint in Ruby gives my cheeks a naturally flushed look. As for the lips, I just have to control the amount to avoid over doing the color. I tiny dot on my finger tip is enough to give color to my lips.

Here's me before and after applying Ruby Lip/ Cheek Tint: (the after pic appeared above the before pic unintentionally C:

Above: With Lip/ Cheek Tint
Below: Without Ruby Lip/Cheek Tint 

Ruby Lip/ Cheek Tint really complements my lip and cheek color. :) It gives me the naturally flushed look I want to achieve. I also have spread a small amount of it on my lips to make it look fresh and healthy. ;)

Newly applied

After spreading
For an experiment, I placed a small amount of Ruby Lip/ Cheek Tint at the right side of my hand (11:00am) before going out and eating lunch. And this is how it still looked after that.

After going to the supermarket and eating lunch
I slept that afternoon. I had my late siesta. I haven't finished this blogged that time yet, so I took another picture of my hands with the Lip/ Cheek Tint and surprisingly the color is still there. Hope the camera had captured the color rightly. I took the shot late afternoon (5:30pm) so, the lighting is not so good anymore.
Notice the color at the right part of my hands?
What I generally like about it:
  • The color stays long.
  • The gel doesn't dry easy giving me enough time to spread.
  • The effect looks natural.
  • The gel really tints/ colors. Some lip/cheek tint doesn't color on first application. Ellana's lip/ cheek tint does and even doubles the color on 2nd application.
  • The gel has NO BITTER TASTE. Some of the lip/ cheek tints I've tried have a bitter or weird taste.
  • The gel has NO WEIRD SMELL. The gel generally has no smell.
  • It's cheap. P180 for a 20ml bottle that'll last for like a year (to me, coz I don't retouch and I use lipstick and powder blush on weekends and other days)

What I don't like about it:
  • The tint stays on your finger after application. (which I guess is normal to any lip/ cheek tint)

Tips and Trick in applying Ellana's Lip/ Cheek Tint Gel: 
  • Apply lip/ cheek tint on the apple of the cheeks. Dot a small amount to your pinkie finger and use it to blend across your cheeks  in a circular motion. 
  • Make sure you really apply it in a circular motion to avoid streaking the color on your cheeks.
  • For the lips, just dot a small amount on your pinkie finger and carefully spread it on your lips. The color will really stick so make sure you apply it carefully to avoid unwanted red-looking spots beside yer lips. 
  • Apply smaller amount for a more natural look.
  • You can also apply lip gloss in the center of the mouth to make the lips look fuller. :) 

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