Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bye-bye Brush!

I knew it! Without having anything to do, blog would be my only fall back. But I'd be honest, bumming makes me guilty sometimes. Bear with me because this will be my regular routine until my temporary employer emails his next assignment.

Just wanna share that I gave my cute pink brush away to one of my good friends at church. She's now a happy pink kabuki brush owner. Hail to our bukis and all the buki-owners! I'm just glad that I have kikay church girlfriends whom I can share my kikay passion with though we have different degrees of kakikayan.

They (church girlfriends) say that the degree of your kakikayan can be measured by the number of your lipsticks. I have three lipsticks and I gave one of them to my mom. So, now, I'm a double-degree kikay. :) My other church girl friend, Coy, has the most number of lipsticks of us all and, that makes her the most kikay! Haha! I know she admits that, and I actually love her for that. :) My other big sister, Ate Lyra, also have an increasing number of lipsticks and, that makes her the second most kikay among the group! Haha! But I bet she'll be saying this isn't true so, I'll just put myself in the second rank. much for that. Here's the Pink Baby Buki brush that I would like to bid my farewell to...

I know, she's in good hands now and I know her new parent will take good care of her too. :)

Kikay Morena,

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  1. hello. I'm just curious, why did you give it away? I really wanted to buy this kind of kabuki brush because it's very cute and pink and I've heard a lot of good reviews about it. Did you not like this brush? Or you have a better kabuki brush than this?


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