Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ever Bilena Pro Leg Makeup

I bought it! And it's worth P125 only. I'm amazed how it is a makeup and at the same time, a body lotion. With it's worth, I'm not really expecting a lot. And after trying, my bland expectation was actually met.. In short, nothing much happened. The coverage was very minimal though it lightened the leg and the arm area a bit. Over all, since I didn't expect much, I wasn't disappointed. The lotion, also known as "Pro Leg Makeup", can be used to even out leg and arm color but not cover unwanted spots and blemishes. Just remember to put it both on the arms and legs, so you won't have your arms lighter than your legs or vise versa.
Would I purchase again? Definitely NOT. This made me more eager to try out Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen has four shades available as seen in their website (Light, Medium Tan and Deep). I just heard that this one is a bit pricey here in the Philippines (around P900 to P1,000) so, I really have to fix my budget first before purchasing.

Aside from Ever Bilena's Pro Leg Makeup, I also bought a clear mascara (for eye brow setting) and brown eye pencil (for brow lining) from Nichido. :)

Will post how I fix my brows next time!

Your Kikay Morena,


  1. Hi Sis, okay talaga ang Sally Hansen ;) Ang CON niya talaga is a bit pricey pero maganda yung result niya. I've been using it since 2009 :) Tipid din naman siyang gamitin.

  2. Saan ka pala bumili nun? Try ko rin macheck, baka makabili pag may budget. :)

  3. Essential po ba talaga yung Pro Leg makeup? Meron ka bang alam nito na merong SPF? :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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