Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How I fix my brows...

I've seen and heard how other women fix their eye brows. Some use eye pencils to outline the brows then they fill the inner area with an eye shadow, a brow kit/set or a clear or brown mascara. Some, just use eye liner to line and color their brows (but lining is not that simple). What I do is, like any other women, I use the eye pencil alone to make my brows look fuller.

I've been wanting to have MAC's brow set (something that looks like a mascara) but, I'm still waiting for funds. That's why for now, I just bought an eightynine-peso worth clear mascara to help put my bushy brows into place.

For the eye pencils, I use Nichido to line my brows and my lids (their really affordable and the color stays for a day!). I currently have their black brown, brown, medium brown and white eye liner colors! I'm sure they only have little or no difference at all with other imported cosmetic products since they both serve their purpose very well. Because of that, kudos to (our very own) Pinoy cosmetic brands!


Unfixed brows
With Brown Eye Pencil on Right Eye Brow
(Mirror Image)
I shaded my brows using light short strokes, enough to fill the spaces and give the brows the natural color they need... You can use a brow brush to spread the color evenly and make the color touch the skin. To set the brows in place, I used a clear mascara from Nichido. I saw an article saying that a tiny bit of hair spray can be sprayed into the brow brush before brushing, to hold the brows together. I might try that tip next time.

So here's the finished product! 
I like my brows to look fuller as it is the trend nowadays, unlike the time I first had my brows fixed during high school. (The first time I had them fixed was a total disaster. The beautician shaved almost half of my brows making it look short and very thin.)

So here's how I fix my brows! Not that professional but, this works out for me now. :)

How do you fix yours?

Kikay Morena,

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