Friday, January 28, 2011

I love it, I love it not

I love chocolates. I love everything about chocolates! I love them coated or not, plain or with nuts. But I don't like chocolates with fruits.
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However, when I started to seriously aspire to become a flight attendant, I began my research on what can make my skin look good.... This is what I found from an online article:
Don’t eat too many chocolates.  The cocoa flavoring stimulates oil glands to become active and the high fat and sugar content encourages spots.  Try eating apples instead.
Don’t eat more than two oranges a day; their high acid content can cause a red rash.  The same applies to grape fruits and strawberries.  Eat them by all means but don’t overeat them.
Don’t fall for fizzy drinks in hot weather.  They don’t quench thirst as well as cold water, fruit juice or tea and they are laden with sugar.  Cola, like chocolate contains cocoa extract and therefore stimulates oil glands to over activity.
So there! But, I know not everything on the internet is true especially when it says I should stop eating too much chocolate! Although this time, I still did further research to prove if the above claim is true.
While many women feel that eating chocolate or greasy foods causes acne, experts have not found a link between the diet and acne. Foods seem to have little effect on acne in most people. But, it’s important to eat a healthy diet for good health. (Article from Medhelp)
Chocolate, like many other foods, can be bad for your body if it is eaten in excessive quantities.  (Article from Thirdage)
I therefore conclude that chocolate doesn't really cause dark spots, it just stimulates the production of oil that can lead to breakouts and eventually, to dark spots. Chocolate is not the cause, just a catalyst. This is correct, as everything eaten excessively is really not healthy. So the solution is, eat everything in MODERATION. :)

Your Kikay Morena,

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