Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kikay Morena's Makeup Loot

People close to me know how much I love makeup and how much I love to put them on. But, when it comes to using them (except for my minerals), I'm really canny. I know it takes practice to be able to master makeup applications but my thrifty character keeps me from doing it! You just DON'T KNOW how long I waited for them to be this near to completion... And I dread the thought of using the thousand-of-thousand pesos my kind sponsors spent for a not-so-special occasion like "practicing", Argh! Anything about makeup really is expensive. Now, I'm beginning to fully understand that it takes a big investment to become a real makeup artist.

Nonetheless, I believe that waiting produces wisdom and prosperity. So, I'll just wait for the opportunities to come to me. The makeup industry's always there and if I am for that, this desire will stick with me and I'll surely be pursuing it someday!
"But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing." (James 1:4, AMP) 
If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him. (James 1:5, AMP)
The good thing is, even though we sometimes have this material desires and worldly passions, God still invites us to ask from Him wisdom without conditions. We can just simply ask... Thank you Lord for that...

Anyways, here's my makeup loot, my hot goods, my personal collection mixed with my holy grails. I sooo love and treasure them. They are for me, equivalent to an expensive gadget that you don't want to get scratched or damaged. I take care of them, especially my brushes (but I wash them primarily because I also want to take care of my skin) and I only use some of them (especially the expensive brushes and makeups) during special occasions. As for the minerals, I use them every time I go to the mall or church because I know they're safe for regular use and they're more affordable than the branded ones. And someday, I know, I'll have a decent makeup organizer/ train case to keep them neat and organized.

So, here they are! (Thanks to my sponsors - my mom, Louie and Ellana... I won't be able to have all these without their help!)

These are what's included in my makeup loot:
1. Dollface's 10 pc. blush palette
2. Dollface's 88 earth color palette
3. Dollface 15 pc. concealer palette
4. Loreal eyeshadow palette
5. Ellana's Stawberry Vanilla lip scrub
6. Ellana's Bliss, Lust and Patience mineral powder blush
7. Ellana's Revive and Whimsy mineral powder concealer
8. Ellana's Macchiato and Caramel Latte mineral powder foundation
9. Ellana's Espresso Con Panna translucent finishing powder
10. Ellana's Yellow Submarine super sparkle finishing powder
11. Ellana's Butter Rum Coffee highlighter powder
12. Ellana's Beloved, Honeybunch, Ethereal, Raven , Dream and Wish multipurpose powder
13. Ellana's Ruby lip/cheek tint
14. Ellana's Makeitlast gel-based primer
15. Ellana's Allure liquid lip color
16. Etude's Henna Fix Mascara
17. Etude's Gold Proof 10 jewelry eye pencil
18. NYX's Milk and Cottage Cheese jumbo eye pencil
19. Elianto Concealer in No. 2
20. Nichido's Black Brown, Medium Brown, Brown and White eye pencils
21. Nichido clear mascara
22. Nichido eye lash curler
23. Revlon's Matte Mauve it over and Super Lustrous Fleshtone lipsticks
24. Revlon Custom Creations Foundation in Medium
25. Max Factor Foundation
26. Ever Bilena Pro Leg Makeup
27. Ever Bilena's Bronzer
28. MAC NC37 Studio Fix Fluid SPF15Foundation
29. MAC NW30 Studio Finish SPF35 Concealer
30. TFS's false eyelashes (used)

I know! Most of them are from Ellana and I'm glad I found this Pinoy cosmetic brand. You might think I'm trying to market the brand here but believe me, I try not to (though the inner selling skill in me is naturally coming out without me knowing it, haha!). I'm just saying that I'm only blogging what I personally felt and experienced about a certain product. And I can personally say, I'm in love with this product (Ellana)... I've always been and I always will! ;)

My Brushes:
1. Charm Pro Brush Set
2. Ellana's 5-pc Brush Set (My first brush set)
3. Charm's Flat Top Kabuki Brush
4. Charm's Concealer Brush
5. Ellana's flat top baby buki (not in the photo)

I've really been hankering to be a PRO makeup artist that's why I asked my mom to buy me the 21-pc. pro brush set, the concealer, blush and the e/s palettes, I'm just waiting for the best opportunity to practice. So if by any chance, you get to come by my house, be prepared to be my model.

I also don't have anyone to practice my makeup skills with at home that's why I'm that repressed when it comes to practicing and expressing my passion. As I've stated in my about me page, I have seven brothers and a mother who has no interest for makeup at all and my younger siblings are no longer that young and gullible... Now you understand why I started blogging ... :)

I hope this would be my first and last blog for the day! I'm beginning to be very addicted with blogging these past days and it made me realize that this is somehow related with my bumming... So, if you're a bum, blog too!!! Just be warned as this may really be very addictive... Trust me, I did! ;)

Kikay Morena,


  1. "So, if you're a bum, blog too!!!"

    ------> The very reason I started blogging! Check it out if you have time :D

    Wow, all that makeup! It's overwhelming :)

  2. @aya: Hi Aya! I've checked out your blog and followed too :) Mabuhay ang mga tulad nating kikays! :D

  3. let's practice together?

  4. Hi! I really love your blog.
    thank you for sharing your make up tips. they're very helpful. :)

    can you please do a make up 101 post (if you haven't already :) for complete beginners like me?
    i really wanna learn how to apply make up but i don't know where to start. I'm planning to buy some basic makeup but there's so many to choose from! it's very overwhelming for me who's kinda tomboyish.
    i just wanna look presentable at work. will you please help me? :)

    TIA :) Keep on being kikay! ;D


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