Monday, January 17, 2011

My newest beauty regime (Skin Perfect)

I've been using Skin Perfect's beauty set for a month now. I didn't buy it though, my mom gave it to me (as we all know, my mom is very lazy to put powder, start or even maintain a beauty regime).

I've been planning to use a beauty set since I noticed the hard-to-remove dark spots and blemishes on my face. I guess this is normal as we grow older, had hormone changes and live longer in a very polluted environment that gets more polluted each day. But I'm afraid to try out other beauty products for the face in addition to my traditional kojic/ papaya body-and-face soap (because I usually use the same soap for my face and body which as I've learned recently, is bad for the skin, especially that on the face).

When I was younger, I learned that peeling creams and other beauty sets are too harsh for me and I still had the same mentality before I was able to try my first beauty set from my mom, Skin Perfect. However, I still believe that what my mom said about beauty products being harsh on our skin, is really true for my age at the time when she told it. Nonetheless, since I am growing older (and I'm not a teenager anymore obviously, I'm already an adult with a dull and not-so-blemish-free face), I had to exfoliate, moisturize and be protected from the harmful factors that may worsen my skin's current ugly state.

Here is skin perfect's beauty set:

Upper left: Sunblock Cream spf 45
Lower left: Advance Moisture Complex Cream
Middle: Peeling Solution B
Rightmost: Kojic Dipalmitate Cream
I forgot to take a picture of the collagen soap included in the set. Now, I have a soap exclusively used for my face. :)

Here's how I use them (I just followed the written instructions given by the dermatologist):

Day 1 to 7

At night:
1. Wash face with collagen soap
2. A little amount of the Peeling Solution on cotton for the entire face (avoid the eye and mouth area)

1. Wash with collagen soap
2. Apply sunblock cream SPF 45

Day 8 and until supply lasts :)

At night:
1. Wash face with collagen soap
2. A little amount of the Peeling Solution on cotton for the entire face (avoid the eye and mouth area)
3. Apply Kojic Dipalmitate Cream on the face

1. Wash with collagen soap
2. Apply Moisture Complex Cream
3. Apply sunblock cream SPF 45
Tips: It's better to apply a little amount of the peeling solution to avoid over peeling the skin. Also, moisturizer's a must especially after a week of using the collagen soap and peeling solution, as they cause the skin to be extremely dry and flaky (I'm just not really sure if the collagen or the peeling solution alone causes the dryness). I noticed that after a week of using the collagen soap and peeling solution, my skin is extremely dry and the peeled surface of the skin is very visible. To avoid the flaky skin surface, apply the moisture complex cream. In short, moisturize.
Peeling is really important to gradually remove the dark spots and blemishes accumulating on your face due to breakouts caused by the polluted air and environment. Sunblock, on the other hand, will protect your skin from burning under the sun especially now that a new skin is showing after the peeling process. You don't want to burn the fresh skin. :)
So there, Skin Perfect Beauty Set is now my current beauty regime and so far it's really helping my face have a perfect and almost blemish-free tone. :)

I'll look for a perfect before and after photos and I'll post it here! :)
For the mean time, here's a nice AFTER photo (I say it's AFTER because before, it's hard for me to achieve an even-out skin tone even with makeup on photos, swear!). :)

Me and my husband at EK :)

Kikay Morena,


  1. How much is that, Ate? :)
    My mom used to buy me a set from belo. When I was experiencing puberty. Too expensive, ineffective if you ask me. Made my skin oilier. :(

    You look really pretty :)

  2. Hi tinee! I knew about this product through FB. But, I actually just used this in a month. I'm using another product right now, it's also a local obagi and a cheaper one. Had peeling for a week only unlike with Skin Perfect.

    I heard Eskinol's facial set is really good too :)


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