Thursday, January 13, 2011

Revlon Custom Creations Foundation Review

Last November 2010, I made a post about my recent makeup buys. One of them is Revlon Custom Creations Foundation in Medium. Of course I was ecstatic at first time especially the first time I held it. I was really eager to use it, I just waited for the occasion.
Revlon Custom Creations was the first liquid foundation I bought for myself using my own money (Oh, my husband's money, I mean =>)... The first most awaited occasion was my friend's wedding. It was my chance to use my newly bought Charm Pro Brush Set, Dollface eyeshadow & concealer palettes and, of course, Revlon Custom Creations Foundation.

Me and my husband as Cord Sponsors on Dea's wedding

The first use was fine. I turned the dial into No. 2 and spread the foundation on my face and neck. The first try was hard and I had to have long hours to perfect my makeup application. It's okay, practice makes perfect. But the not so good thing about the foundation is that, my previous pimple worsened at the end of the day. Grrrr! Well, I gave Custom Creations the benefit of the doubt, that's why, I thought maybe the pimple was caused by other factors so I gave Custom Creations another try...

I waited for the next big occasion for me to use my Custom Creations Foundation. Then, our church's Christmas Party came last December 2010. We had a dance presentation that's why I had another chance to use my Revlon foundation again.

I'm the fourth girl from the left & this is our church's dance team :)
This time, I turned the dial on No. 3 and topped my liquid foundation with Ellana's mineral powder. But, once again, at the end of the day I got zits and pimples :( Argggh! I just love my foundation so much (because it's the only foundation I have and my husband bought it for me) that I had to give it yet another chance...

When I knew about the QR (Qatar Airways) Open Day on the 5th of February, I practiced applying full makeup for this next big day. I used Custom Creations again but this time, I turned the dial at No. 4. The shade was perfect for me especially after I topped it with a Golden Medium Shade Mineral Powder from Ellana. But once again, at the end of the day, I got pimples on my chin and forehead. (sigh)

Sadly, I'll still be using Revlon Custom Creations on special occasions until I'm able to buy an alternative.

My Score for Revlon Custom Creations (out of 10) is 5.
It gave the perfect shade and coverage I want when I'm using it anyways. :)

Your Kikay Morena,

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