Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15-pc Concealer Palette

Finally, I was able to use this 15-piece concealer palette to it's fullest! The purple, green, yellow and other lighter shades weren't so useful to me at all ever since I purchased this last year. I was actually clueless how and where I should use those colors until eventually, I had someone to use most of them on.

Dollface 15-pc Concealer Palette

The empty area on the lower right side is what I've been using since it's the best shade for my medium-warm skin tone. I use it to cover dark circles and the redness around my nose.

So, anyways, here's my pretty and kind model that helped me out in my 15-pc concealer palette experiment. :)

Honey (my brother's girlfriend)

Honey cleansed her face first, then, toned it and applied moisturizer afterwards. I also applied a gel-based primer on her face before the whole makeover.

Let's discuss the areas that we'll be focusing on... Honey's red pimple marks or acne outbreak, (a common result of stress during puberty) is the area that needs major concealing. What I did to conceal them is, I carefully placed green concealer on each reddish marks or acne using a concealer brush. You can also use a precise concealer brush or a crease brush to do this job. 

The Green Concealer

Next, I evenly spread yellow concealer under her eyes to help brighten them up.

The Yellow Concealer

Then, for the yellowish skin on her eye lids, I evenly spread a purple concealer to counteract the yellowish tone.

The Purple Concealer

Lastly, to complete the concealing process, I used the lighter shades to blend the green, yellow and purple concealers making them gradually disappear on her skin. I also topped the concealers with a powder foundation (Hazelnut Latte - Medium for Warm/ Golden undertone) to flatten the concealers and a finishing powder (Espresso Con Panna - Translucent Finish for Golden undertone) to make everything look more natural.

Light Shades
After applying foundation and finishing powder, I then applied eyeshadows, browliner, and mascara to give life to her eyes.. For the blush, I used Lust (Peach Pink with Sheer Golsd Shimmer). I didn't use bronzers to contour her cheeks anymore but, the darker shades from the 15-piece concealer palette can be use for that. The white shade on the other hand, can be use to highlight the brow bone, cheeks, nose and lips. But I didn't use the white shade also, instead, I used Nichido's white eye liner to highlight Honey's browbone, nose and lips.

For Highlighting and Contouring

So here are Honey's AFTER photos. ;) By the way, I used a fleshtone lipliner on her lips. I didn't re-coat the lip color that's why it's not too obvious on the photo. And I'm still happy because I know she liked her look and felt more beautiful that day. :) My brother even said that she was indeed beautiful. :)


Here's a before and after photo to help us spot the differences. :)

Will post about how I did her eyes soon! So stay tuned! (I really enjoy doing a natural/ day makeup look! Will practice how to turn it into night makeup next time...)

Your Kikay Morena,


  1. Oooh! Wow very nice. :DDD

  2. wow! that's so nice... :)

  3. Thank you Aya! I'm also happy how the foundation shade darker than her skin tone (Hazelnut Latte) gave her face a lively glow. :) You can be my next model! hehe :)

  4. I've been looking for a green concealer for so long now. What brand are you using? :)

  5. Dollface, it's a Filipino brand :)


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