Monday, February 21, 2011

A blog about being an Air Asia FA

I saw this blog from Air Asia's site. This may or may not help those who aspire to be a flight attendant like me... Enjoy reading!

You come to the airport, you see girls in red hot uniforms, walking with the trolley bag and looking all ready to take off into the skies.
You want to be one. You see the 'audition' advertisement in the papers. That's your chance!
You've got the height, you have a bubbly personality and you qualify academically. You dress up and head to the interview venue, with all the relevant documents in hand. Yet in you head, all you can hear is the loud beat of your nervous heart. You have NO IDEA what's coming...
Hang on! Take a chill pill. Here's something to help you.
Firstly, in true AirAsia style, you've gotta expect the unexpected! Gone are those traditional bun-in-the-net and fringe-less sulky look. No way, not HERE, ladies..
Dress to impress, that goes to say without fail at ALL interviews. But when you are coming to audition for us, come in KNEE-LENGTH skirts. Keep those minis/micro-minis/skin-tight pants/tailored-slacks at home. Potray the feminine you. After all, you are aiming to be in that knee-length red skirt. So show us that you'd look good if not GREAT in a knee-length skirt!
Do apply make-up at appropriate 'strength'. This is no broadway or chinese opera stage. And mind you, this is no glitzy dance floor either. So give those glittery eyelids a rest. Make-ups are to ENHANCE your appearance. Tame those bushy eyebrows, moist up those dry and chapped lips, splash on a touch of blusher, brighten up those eyes, curl up the lashes and powder up that oily t-zone!
You MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST remeber to bring a BIG SMILE from the moment you arrive at the interview venue! A smile is a sure-win first impression, so flash us those pearly whites!
The first interview is all about your appearance and first impression. If you know you've got the quality to become one of the world's best cabin crew, the you have got to convince us by standing out in the crowd.
The process of the Day One is rather straight-forward. Firstly, you go through the height and weight check. Then comes the Documents check. Remember, smile your way through, be polite to anyone who is handling the checks.
When you finish all that, you will notice that the crowd would have dramatically reduced. Some aspirants would still brave the queues despite knowing that they might not have met all the pre-determined requirements.
Next, you'd be asked to strut your stuff down the aisle. Yes, the catwalk! Walking shows your posture, so don't hunch, don't slouch and for goodness sake, don't start that annoying habit of shaking your legs when you are seated and waiting for your turn. Don't think that panel is NOT watching! You will also be asked to make some simple sample announcements. That will surely excite any aspirants to be doing a flight-attendant 'thing'.
And when you have faced the time-trial of standing in line, keeping the grooming in check, and gloriously succeeded in making that impression, you will progress to the FINAL interview.
There will be three stages, and the focus will be on how you talk, how you interact, and how spontaneous you can get. The last bit will be the one-on-one interview, where our panel will be talking to you on a little more in-depth basis. To me, that would be the toughest part, but hey, that's just MY P.O.V., so don't let it bother you!.
In summary, just relax, bring out the best in yourself, SMILE, be friendly, and of course stay humble. This would not be the day for you to be shy, impatient, temperamental, or angry.
Believe in yourself and believe in the flight attendant in you. Just let that shine, and you'll be just fine.
All the best.
They say salary of a flight attendant in Air Asia is around 2,500 Malaysian Ringgit (including allowances) which is around 35,000 to 36,000 in Philippine Peso. Latest FA opening of Air Asia is for Clark International Airport and an open day will be held this March 5, 2011 at Mandarin Oriental Manila. See job details in here.

Your Kikay Morena,

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