Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Discovering new uses of my 15-pc concealer palette (yet again)

It's amazing how this palette did my friend a great makeover and it has actually become more amazing now since I was able to do brown smoky eyes, nose contouring and brow highlighting using only this single palette! :)

I'm so excited to do a new FOTD as soon as possible! Swear! I'm excited to wake up tomorrow and try the smokey eye look, cheek and nose contouring + highlighting using only this single palette! :) Yeeehaaa!!! (Just don't know how I can express more my excitement)

So please watch out and stay tuned! I actually took photos of me wearing the look from this palette already but will still redo it to make the look more perfect and clean. =D

Your All-time Kikay Morena,


  1. Hi, where have you bought your palette? Does the owner or the retailer have a webbside? (sorry for bad english) <3

  2. Hi hannah! No problem with the English! Mine's not perfect as well. :) got this palette from dollface and i think they do have either a Facebook or website. :)


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