Monday, February 21, 2011

Favorite Neutral ES with Step-by-step tutorial :)

Still my favorite eye shadows are Ellana's multipurpose powders. They do not crease after long hours of wearing even without primer. They also give good pigments that last on my eyes. :)

Top (right to left): Beloved and Wish
Bottom (right to left): Honeybunch and Dream

My favorites among Ellana's MPMs are the neutral shades above. I can wear them for interviews, daily use, dates, church service and dance numbers. Neutral shades are very versatile. They are not loud neither pale. They can give you the life your eyes need for the moment. These shades match best my morena skin tone.


Honeybunch is a good base for all skin tone.


Beloved can be a good contour and crease enhancer for lighter skin tone but needed to be built up for those with medium tone. This can be hardly seen for those with deeper skin tones. Beloved and Honeybunch is a good neutral eye shadow pair for those who have fair to medium light skin tone.


 As for my medium to deep skin tone, I need wish to contour my eyes. It is a matte black brown shade.


Dream can be used to liven the eyes and/or for highlighting the brow bones. Here are their swatches:

Without flash
Dream, Honeybunch, Beloved and Wish
With flash
Dream, Honeybunch, Beloved and Wish

Here's a step-by-step guide on how I use these neutral shades and where I apply them:

Apply Honeybunch on the lid, crease and the whole area below the brow bone.

Apply Beloved on the crease.

Apply Wish on the outer crease.

Apply Dream to highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.

Lastly, blend, blend, blend...
I'm yet to perfect my eyeshadow application skill. As of now, I am on the verge of practicing and having the perfect application.

Why do I love makeup so much!? :D

Your all-time Kikay Morena,


  1. nice job! I like mineral E/s but somehow I find them too messy lang talaga... :)

  2. They are really messy kaya I don't remove the stickers na, instead, I just put a hole or two para enough powder lang ang lumabas. :) Hindi na messy ngayon mineral e/s ko since I did that :)

  3. Thanks Aya! It's a good tutorial for starters like me :D

  4. nice tip about keeping the stickers on and poking holes instead. I only have sensational so far (actually, yun lang at champagne/brown from ng avon lang ang shadows ko, grabe! 3 shades lang!!! :D) and I forgot to close it tightly before... ayun, medyo kumalat lang naman yung gold sa kikay kit ko. hehe.

    I'll try nga that look... I don't wear eye shadow kasi sa work, I just highlight my brow bone but I think the look is simple enough :)

    learned a lot from your tutorial :

  5. Hi jhoanna/jhonica! It's great to know that this post was helpful! I'm still practicing my e/s application skill pero etong neutral e/s will do as my everyday look for now. :)

    And totoo, yung mga una kong mineral e/s ay messy din kaya hindi ko na sila dinadala, iniiwan ko lang sa bahay. tapos tong huli, may unting holes nlng kaya hindi na sila messy :)


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