Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nose Contouring + Prep for Brown Smokey (15-pc palette)

I'm so excited to blog that I can't wait to redo the photos I took last night after I attempted to do nose contouring. Do you see the difference between these photos or it's just me wanting to see the difference? (haha!)

Left without nose contouring
Right with nose contouring and brown smokey prep

Here's how I did it... I got the idea from Ms. Nikki Tiu of

Step #1
Apply a concealer shade 1 to 2 times lighter than your skin tone on your nose bridge. Start from the skin between the eyebrows down to the tip of the nose.

Put a concealer 1 to 2 shades darker than your skin tone on the side of your nose bridge. Begin from the bottom of the corner of your eyebrows down to the tip of your nose (both sides).

Step #3
Correct and conceal excess lines using the shade that best match your skin tone then, blend everything with a setting powder.

Step #4
For the smoky brown eyes, prep your eyes by putting the darkest shade from the outer crease towards the contour beneath the corner of the eye brows. Then fill the lids with the darkest brown concealer shade. You can finish this look off by topping the concealer with a brown eyeshadow.

Highlight your browbone with the white concealer. You can set this off with a white e/s too. I use dream to do this job for me since dream is not too loud and shimmery. Minerals are that subtle and blend-able.
Ellana's Dream MPM
So here's me with the contoured nose. ^^
I enjoy learning new things that can be achieved through makeup! Will practice more to perfect this technique! :)

Your All-time Kikay Morena,


  1. Thank u Debi.. Are u being honest on this one? or you're just being nice. hehe I'm still not sure if I did it right. Will still practice to perfect the technique :)


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