Thursday, February 10, 2011

Orange Concealer

Orange Concealer - now I know what it is for.

With the help of the internet, I was able to understand the use of the color wheel in applying makeup and/or correctors, how colors contrast other colors and how this can be used in applying the right cosmetic shade. This is what makeup artists follow in concealing or hiding blemishes.

Color Wheel Photo from Google
Colors opposite each other are complementary colors hence, can also be called contrasting colors. You'll be able to contrast a red cystic pimple by applying a green concealer or contrast green with red. Same is the case with other colors and their complementaries. Bluish dark circles can be contrasted by an orangey concealer, while yellowish spots like birth mark and other hyper-pigmentation can be contrasted by a purplish or pale bluish concealer.

I'll be focusing on the orange concealer for now since this blog is really about it. I want to name a few good orange concealers available here in the Philippines and they are...

NYX Concealer Jar - Orange
NYX Orange Concealer, P350
MAC Studio Finish
Skin Corrector in Pure Orange, P900

Some girls just use a matte orange lipstick to do the concealing job for them.
Photo from Google
What I use is a peachy concealer from Ellana. (Ellana, Ellana, Ellana... it's always about Ellana) Let me explain first before you react, okay? hehehe (Silly me, talking to myself).

Anyways, yes, the peachy powder concealer I use from Ellana is successful in covering my dark circles. I know it does it in a very good and natural way. So, here's REVIVE - a peachy color corrector from Ellana. :)

According to Ellana, 
Revive is a light peach color corrector for brightening dull skin tones and under eye area.

I use Revive on top of my mineral foundation or setting powder. It gives better results that way. I just make sure I brush on an ample amount of it on my problem areas to avoid making the finish too bright. I usually apply it on my T-zone ('coz there's where the blemishes are).

To add, here's what I read from beautiful with brain's website about how to use orange concealers like Ellana's Revive:
Orange concealers hide dark circles
Dark circles are a very common problem for a lot of women but most of the time, a yellow-toned or even flesh-toned concealers are enough to hide them. However, if you have an olive skintone or just really bad, really dark circles with bluish undertones, then the most effective way of covering them up is by applying an orange concealer.
Orange concealers counteract ashiness
Do you have a medium or dark skintone that looks somewhat ashy? Then, dab some orange-toned (peachy shades work best) on your face to counteract it. Does your skin have golden undertones? Peachy concealers will brighten it up and give it that beautiful, natural glow.
Orange concealers hide spots
Orange concealers are very handy even for those that have spots on their skin. No, I’m not talking about pimples, but age spots, hyperpigmentation and even freckles. One swipe of an orange-toned concealer will be enough to hide, or at least greatly reduce, their appearance.

So, have you tried an orange concealer already? How was it? Share your experiences using the comment box below! :)

From Your Kikay Morena,


  1. you replied in my blog regarding the orange concealer review...yes it is the best for me. I have awake and the green concealer form ellana but I don't use them that often.

  2. Debi, you should try Ellana's revive. Awake's way too light. I use both whimsy and revive. They're the most natural looking concealer powder as far as my medium-warm skin-tone is concerned. :D The green concealer's only useful for red cystic pimples. ;)

  3. I haven't tried this yet but I'm planning to try their green concealer/corrector to counteract the redness on my cheeks.

    Oh, and I love Ellana, too! Hahaha :D

  4. @Aya: yes, you can try innocence (green concealer) if your cheek's that really red. And you don't have dark circles so I guess you won't need the peach powder, unlike me. :)

  5. Hello :) how can i order the orange based Concealer? Cause I can't hide the dark circles in my eyes. I have white skin tone. What can be the possible color that will match my skin tone?


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