Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Smokey eyes - Take II

This is my second time to try Smokey Eyes... What do you think? :)

What I used:

On the Eyes:
Ellana's Ethereal (Matte Black) Multipurpose Mineral Powder
Ellana's Wish (Matte Black Brown) Multipurpose Mineral Powder
Ellana's Yellow Submarine Super Sparkle Finishing Powder (on the brow bone)
Etude Gold Proof 10 Jewelry Liner (on the inner corners and lower lids)

On the Face:
Revlon Custom Creations (knob turned in #4)
Ellana's Perfect Blend Caramel Latte Foundation Powder
Ellana's Translucent Espresso Con Panna Finishing Powder
Ellana's Revive Concealer

On the Lips:
Etude Soft Touch Auto Lipliner in #2

How I did it:
I used Charm PRO's Pencil Point Brush to apply Ethereal, a matte black powder, on my upper lids. Then, using the precise crease blending brush, I blended Wish from the lids upward.

Here's Wish and the Pencil Point Brush...

I don't have a photo of the precise crease blending brush and ethereal e/s yet but will post as soon as I'm able to take a photo of them.

Here's ethereal and the precise crease blending brush!

It's fun! I thought I wasn't going to hit the look but, I think did! I'm gonna try this look again on shoots and events until I perfect it so well. :)

Your All-time Kikay Morena,


  1. love it! very pretty :) It definitely doesn't look like your second time doing the smokey eye look!



  2. Thank you R! I appreciate you saying that :) Maybe you have tips there for me, I want to explore the smoky look more. :)

  3. nice...love it...hope u follow me too:)

  4. Hi Lei! Thanks! Followed u back already :)

  5. nice eyes! :) Hope I can do that to myself also.. :)

  6. Try it! You just need a black brown eyeshadow/ mineral pot. :) I saw Cams did this on you and you really look beautiful with it! :)

  7. Guys, I think parang may kulang pa rin sa makeup ko? Something is missing and I think it's contouring. Do have any tips there for me? I seriously need to study contouring now so I can have more beautiful photos. :)


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