Monday, February 28, 2011

Trying the Cat Eye Look

I tried to achieve the cat eye look using my liquid eyeliner and I love how it has successfully opened and liven up my eyes. It's easy to draw a perfect line using my Nichido liquid eye liner because of it's fine and not-too-soft nor too-stiff brush bristles. . Nichido liquid eyeliner's worth P60.00 only. It's very cheap but it won't last for 24-hours.

I didn't apply mascara here since I just did it to experiment and I'm already getting ready to sleep that time. But, the cat eye look would have been better with the mascara. Now, I have two fotd's lined-up for next time, the smoky brown with contour and this cat eye look (both an experiment).

I also did a to-go eyeshadow alternative tool and look. I used Nichido's Brown and Black Brown pencil eyeliners (P90/each) to liven up my eyes more. I used the brown pencil to shade my crease and the black brown shade, on the outer crease. I blended them together using my precise crease blending brush. I also used a white pencil from Nichido to highlight the browbone (P90 also). Highlighting wasn't too obvious because of the lighting. Will just recreate and improve the look on the next fotd. :)

Your Kikay Morena,


  1. just bought a nichido pencil eyeliner yesterday! (feb.28 - the day you posted this blog) ang galing! same day. :D so meron na ako agad guide :D

  2. Tama! Bagay sayo naka-eyeliner, it livens up your eyes :)


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