Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Date

Me and my hubby had our date at a mall near our place. We spent our valentines day in the movie house but ate our dinner first at KFC before watching the last screening of Love and other Drugs (Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal). While waiting for the last screening schedule, we also bought chips and drinks which we  weren't able to eat after having a fully loaded meal at KFC.

So there, look at how we don't look like a married couple. :)
Aside from one fully loaded meal, we also bought KFC's ala carte double down. We didn't finish it all while at the restaurant. We took with us the cheesy bacon twister, half of the double down and a brownies from the fully loaded meal which we ate at the movie house.

It's not our first time to try double down but it's our first to try KFC's cheesy bacon twister and Alfredo pasta bowl. The cheesy bacon twister was a disappointment. It smells like a carton and tastes like one. (hehe) Maybe it's because I ate it cold. But I just didn't like the taste of the wrapper and the filling. As for the Alfredo, two thumbs up! My husband and I liked it! We'll definitely try this one again next time we eat at KFC. :)

KFC's Alfredo Chicken Pasta Bowl
Here's my look on my Valentines date:

What I like most out of this look is the fleshtone lipstick. I used Etude's fleshtone lipliner and topped it with Revlon's Moisture Fleshtone Lipstick. For my eyes, I used my favorites, Ellana's MPM honeybunch and beloved. For the whole face, Ellana's Macchiato Mineral Foundation and Espresso Con Panna Translucent Finishing Powder. :)

I truly enjoyed my not so glamorous yet awesome valentines date. Did you enjoy yours?

Kikay Morena,


  1. Ei, Jhoanna to. Just felt like commenting because sa KFC lang din kami nagdinner. hehe. I just find it funny. hahaha. di lang kami natuloy mag-watch na movie :)

  2. Sana nga! Can't wait for the next OD!!!! :)


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