Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I do when I'm sick...

Our nice and friendly household maid, Ate Violy, was nice enough to let me fix her up while I'm stuck at home and sick... :)

This made me feel better for a while... (haha) But I'm all better now... and fixing her up really had a big part on my recovery. hehehe

What I used on her face:
1. Revlon Custom Creation Medium in No. 1
2. Elianto Concealer in No. 2
3. Mineral Finishing Powder - Translucent Espresso Con Panna
4. Mineral Concealer Powder - Revive
5. Dollface 10-pc Blush Palette (I used the shade nearest the color of her blouse)

What I used on her eyes:
1. Ellana Mineral Eyeshadow - Honeybunch (base)
2. Ellana Mineral Eyeshadow - Beloved (crease)
3. Ellana Mineral Eyeshadow - Wish (outer corner)
4. Ellana Mineral Eyeshadow - Dream (browbone)
5. Nichido Black Brown Eyeliner (upper and outer lower lids)
6. Nichido White Eyeliner (inner corner and inner lower lids)
7. Etude's Henna Mascara
8. Nichido Medium Brown Eyeliner (brows)

On her lips:
1. Ever Bilena Matte Siennas

I think she enjoyed the whole experience though... :)

From Your Kikay Morena,


  1. Wow :D

    Tell me when you're sick and I'll go to your house for a makeover! Hahahaha!

  2. Haha! That's funny Aya! I can do you a makeover anytime you want though. :)


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