Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kikay Morena's Office/ Day Makeup (with OOTD)

Today, I attended an interview and went to two companies to drop my resume. Yes, I'm on a job hunt now and though I still want to take time to explore my options, I'm also praying for the right job to come to me right away.

For my office/ day makeup, I just brightened up my eye to make it look more awake while I'm on the interview, added a flesh lip color on my lips to make it look livelier and put on a little blush to make my cheeks pop up. I can also notice that the facial set I'm using helped me achieve the glow I never had before. If you want to check out what I'm currently using, click here.

So here's me on my office/ day makeup. :)

What I used:

On my face
Dollface Concealer Palette (Natural and Yellow)
Ellana PB Macchiato Foundation
Ellana Revive Concealer Powder (T-zone)
Ellana Translucent Espresso Con Panna

On my eyes
Ellana Honeybunch MPM
Ellana Wish MPM (blended well)
Ellana Dream MPM
Etude Henna Fix Mascara
Nichido White Eyeliner
Nichido Medium Brown Eyeliner
Nichido Black Brown Eyeliner

On my cheeks
Ellana Lust Blush (cheekbone)
Dollface Contour/ Highlight Palette (below and above cheekbone)

On my lips
Etude #2 Lipliner
Revlon Moisture Fleshtone Lipstick
(blotted with tissue paper to make it look more natural)

Of course, before putting on makeup, I toned my face out with Beauche's toner then, I put on a generous amount of moisturizer/ sunblock all over my face and neck. These steps will help you look and feel better and will help hold the makeup longer while keeping your skin protected the whole day.

Aside from my makeup look, here's also my interview/ office outfit of the day.

Kikay Morena's Tip on how to get the best office/ interview look:
  • Face - tone, moisturize and put sunblock first and foremost before putting any makeup. Use a foundation shade same as your skin tone. A shade darker will help hide blemishes. A shade lighter, on the other hand, will give emphasis on your assets (nose bridge, browbone, cheekbone). Spread the foundation/ powder onto your neck also.
  • Eyes - use a neutral base like peaches/ beige and light brown and for contour on the outer-v, use browns, light grey and plums. Avoid shimmery e/s and avoid black (this won't make you look any younger). Widen the eyes with a brown or black-brown eye liner and mascara. Fix your brows with a natural brow pencil color. I use a medium brown pencil for my brows to help lighten my look.
  • Lips - use flesh tone or a more natural lip color. Avoid plums. Blot excess lipstick with a tissue to make the lips look natural.
  • Cheeks - use a more natural blush color. Filipinas look naturally blushed with a peachy/pink color. You can also use a rosey or a light brown blush color.

Remember to do your makeup in natural lighting and not under artificial lighting. You need to see how it'll look on daylight. And also, an office or interview makeup need not to be distracting. It has to look good on you but it shouldn't be distracting to the interviewer. You don't want the interviewer to think that you plan to go to a party right after the interview so, leave that striking pink gloss to a real night party. At the same time, your makeup has to make you feel good and comfortable about yourself while you're having a conversation with other people.

So, I think that would be all for today! Hope you enjoyed reading my blog! :)

Ever Yours,

Friday, March 25, 2011

New look I want to recreate :)

Next to gold, I want to have bronzes. I want to explore earth colors like those! They're the shades that's definitely IN for a Filipina beauty like me. And what's making me want bronzes more is Ellana's new summer catalog with Camille, a totally gorgeous Filipina beauty, as model.

According to Ms. Coney, this is the mineral makeup she's wearing...

Face - Tranlucent Espresso Con Panna
Cheeks - City Roast (For Contouring) and Bliss
Bronzer - Ecstasy (lovely bronzer)
Eyes - Foiled Dazzle and Embrace on undereyes
Lips - lip gloss with Charisma Multipurpose Powder

I definitely want to grab Ecstasy and Dazzle! Watch out for me with it! I'm going crazy over these minerals! :)

Forever Kikay,

Earth Hour

I will be part of this campaign tomorrow! It won't hurt turning our lights off and plugging out our appliances for an hour. This will actually help our planet save energy for at least an hour. :)

I can't elaborate more how much this campaign will help but, please let us support earth hour too!

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Your Truly,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kikay Morena featured in JSI's newsletter

As many of you know, before I started blogging, I first became an mmu addict. Only after then did I became an mmu reseller. But I personally didn't blog to sell products. I wanted to blog anything and everything I rave about makeup, specifically mmus. So, that's the sole reason why I started blogging. before, I'm just enjoying too much that I blog anything and everything I want to share to the world. :)

One of my good friends included my blog in her company's newsletter, Jupiter System's Inc. She's been telling me about it for almost a month now and I was actually excited to see the final result. So here's the portion where you'll see my blog! Now, I'm a proud blogger and a proud kikay morena too. :)

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Forever Lovely,

Featuring Syry and her giveaway

What caught my eyes the first time I bump into her blog was her banner!!! I said to myself, the owner really has a sense of art and creativity! I had a hard time figuring out what banner to post in my blog and I have various layouts (which I made) that didn't pass my own criteria. (sigh) I hope I have a web banner as lovely as hers! :) Seriously, I envy your creativity Syry.

Aside from her banner, when I saw her signature, I said to myself, Oh-La-La! This one's sexy! I want to have the same sexy signature for my blog too! LOL! I give Syry and her blog two thumbs up for her creativity! :)

This girl I'm talking about also have a giveaway contest for her followers ritght now. You can join her giveaway contest here or by clicking on the picture below. Her contest runs until April 1, 2011. :)

I have an on-going giveaway contest too, btw! Will be announcing one winner next week (April 1) from those who will enter in the survey! So, do enter now!

Lots of Love!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me in Gold FOTD

I love gold! I'm seriously, absolutely and wholly in love with it! It complements my warm undertone reallywell. I think gold would be my favorite makeup shade from now on until, um, I don't know... forever? LOL
I paired my bright sunny gold frost mineral e/s called "Twinkle" with a brown e/s from my 88 earth palette. I wasn't able to finish off this look with a golden gloss and bronzed cheek but, I'm still proud how my unfinished FOTD went pretty well.

Here are my eyes in closeup. You'll notice that my eyes are still without eyeliner and mascara. I was on to finishing off this look when some of my ever kikay relatives, who always love surprises, went to our house without notice. haha! So, I had to stop my makeup-session with me, myself and I until the next morning. There's always next time for me to re-do this look! I'm planning to wear this one on our Filipiniana dance presentation next Sunday.

A kikay morena will always be a kikay morena! So, here's what I wore in this look...

On my face:
Dollface Concealer Palette (yellow, neutral and dark brown)
Ellana Perfect Blend Macchiato
Ellana Translucent Espresso Con Panna
Ellana Revivce Concealer Powder

On my eyes:
Ellana Twinkle MPM
Dollface 88 earth palette (brown)
Nichido pencil liner (medium brown)

Wasn't able to put blush-on and lipstick anymore :)

I'm sooo enjoying face contouring right now also! HAHA. I hope I'm not overdoing it! I'm excited to learn makeup the pro way too! I'm crossing my fingers this summer! =D

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Yours Truly,

My Summer Hat

I have a hat which I decorated myself a few months ago for a dance presentation and surprisingly, the decor is still intact though it stayed useless for months now. I will be using this hat for summer getaways or outings with my closest friends. I can imagine it with my beach dresses, which I rarely wear since I'm rarely in beaches, hehe :)

I can't wait to wear this one in Bora with my second family (church friends) soon! :)
Will be blogging about my summer FOTD and EOTD soon also :)

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fave Fruit

Mango is my favorite fruit. :)

In whatever form it may be, I'll eat it. But I'm not particularly a fan of dried mangoes. I like em fresh! :D
Hubby always prepare mango graham cake or mango fruit shake for me. And I'm glad he always does. He really knows it's my favorite!

I remember the time when I go to Goldilocks only to buy my favorite Mango Silvanas. Sadly, they're now made-to-order. I hope Goldilocks will still make them available everyday. Have you tried that too? What's your favorite fruit then? :)

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Ever Yours,

Makeover (Reg) III

I did my sister-in-law a makeover for no reason at all. She just came to our house and let me play with her face while she's there. She was kind enough to let me. :) So, let me introduce reg. :)

Sorry if I had to crop her photo. The camera's battery got empty before I was able to take her solo shot. Here's her before and after photo. The after-photo's cropped too. :(

I also used a gold mineral e/s on her eyes and blended it together with a green and black e/s. I will be discussing what I used on her below.

What I used on Reg:

Her face
Dollface concealer palette (conceal and contour)
Ellana Premium Blend Macchiato
Ellana Revive Concealer Powder
Ellana Translucent Espresso Con Panna

Her eyes
Ellana Twinkle MPM
Ellana Ethereal
Dollface 88 earth palette (brown on brows)
Nichido Black Liquid Eyeliner
Nichido Medium Brown Eyebrow Pencil

Her cheeks
Ellana Cupid
Ellana Butter Rum Coffee Hiliter

Her lips
Revlon Fleshtone Lipstick

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Yours Truly,

Friday, March 18, 2011

Gold and Black Eyeshadow

I was finally able to create an eotd using my gold mineral eyeshadows. Won't be doing a tutorial on this look now but, I would like you to see how it went well! My pretty model, Sha, allowed me to do her eyes up with a golden smoky! Thanks Sha!

 I used Ellana's Gorgeous (pure gold frost) and Ethereal (matte black) MPM here. 



So anyways, here's the gold-black eotd:

What I used on Sha:

Her face:
Dollface concealer palette (conceal and contour)
Ellana Perfect Blend Caramel Latte
Ellana Translucent Espresso Con Panna
Ellana Revive Concealer Powder

Her eyes:
Ellana Gorgeous MPM
Ellana Ethereal MPM
White e/s from Dollface 88 palette
Nichido Black Eyeliner
Nichido Medium Brown Eyebrow Pencil

Her cheeks:
Ellana Patience Blush
Ellana Butter Rum Hiliter

Her lips:
Revlon Matte Mauve it Over
Revlon Matte Fleshtone
Max Factor Gloss

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 Yours Truly,

Giving Thanks

We sometimes arrive into a state wherein we think others are luckier than us. We envy other people's lives, what they have and how they live. We become ungrateful of what we have and already have. We fail to see that we are luckier than many. Then we also realize that there are people who think the same way towards us. They envy our lives, how we live and what we have. They became ungrateful of what they have and already have. They fail to see that they are luckier than many. Many people lives in this kind of diagram. Many fail to see how blessed they are. That's why today, I want to recognize how blessed I am with a good husband, good life and a good future filled with hope. My future's filled with hope not because I have an abounding bank account but, because I have a God who will bless my life exceedingly, abundantly and above all that I can think or ask. I'm filled with hope because of Him! This is the reason why I'm blessed. And for that, I am thankful. :)

Forever Yours,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recent Beauty Buy

I've recently ordered a Beauche Facial Set from an online reseller in FB, Ms. Ella Manalese . I've heard good reviews about the brand and been wanting to try it even before I had my Skin Perfect Facial Set. Skin Perfect's Facial Set is worth more than a thousand while Beauche, barely a thousand and with free shipping nationwide. Beauche Facial Set is P750 and the set includes a skin toner, a skin clarifying solution, an exfoliating cream, a rejuvinating cream, an age eraser/ moisturizer/ sunblock cream and a whitening beauty soap. All these in one set. As to how long a set will last, I still don't know. I've been using this set for 4 days now and so far, no irritation or breakouts occurred.

My face started to peel 2 days after using the set. I also noticed that the palm of my hand is peeling too! Maybe I should rinse my hands after applying all that cream at night. But I guess, it's still a good thing since I want my palm's old skin to be exfoliated too! hehe

Kidding aside, here's the set that arrived on my mail 4 days ago.

Together with the set is a sheet of paper with instructions. Here are what's in the paper:

At night time:
1. Apply skin toner on face and neck.
2. Wash face and neck with beauty soap.
3. Apply clarifying solution with upward stroke.
4. Apply exfoliating cream in circular motion. Do not rinse.
5. After 15 minutes, apply the rejuvinating cream. Do not rinse.

At day time:
1. Rub face with ice to close pores, lift dead skin and eliminate night creams.
2. Wash face with beauty soap.
3. Apply the age eraser cream in circular motion.

These are what's included in the set:

According to Beauche Int'l, this cream helps lighten the skin and eliminate blemishes. It also improes the skin's ability to remain young and glowing. This cream contains Aqua, Methyl Paraben, Citric Acid, Retinoic Acid, Hydroquinone <0.3%, and Vitamin E.

The rejuvinating cream's color is lime green. It has the same smell as the age eraser cream. I love it's scent because it smells like the favorite colorful stationery I used to collect in high school. I apply it after the exfoliating cream. 

The age eraser cream gives a pink glow effect  on your face, makes you look younger, healthier and fresher. Contains SPF that protects the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. This cream also contains Aqua, Methyl Paraben, Petroleum, Parsol, Placentol, Milk Lactates, and Titanium Dioxide.

The age eraser cream's color is old rose. I apply it before going out in the morning and after washing my face. Its scent is the same as the rejuvinating cream's scent. As to the SPF's capability, I don't know yet as I've not had too much sun exposure since I started using this set. The SPF's effectiveness is also not indicated in the container.

I haven't used this yet because I still have a kojic soap to use up. According to beauche, this soap is both a body and facial soap. It whitens and removes pimples and blemishes. This soap contains Aqua, VCO, Glycerine, Kojic Acid and Papaya Enzymes.

The skin toner contains Aqua, Ethyl Alcohol, Sodium Metabisulfite, Vitamin C and fragrance (which I don't like). Beauche claims that this toner freshens the face.

The skin toner indeed is what we need to freshen our face up before applying moisturizer/ sunblock and before putting makeup. I wanted this but, I don't like its scent. It smells like a raspberry flavored multivitamin syrup which I used to take when I was a kid.

Beauche claims that this exfoliating cream completely eliminates blemishes, reduces age spots & rashes and peels of old skin. It also makes your face radiant looking. This cream contains Aqua, Methyl Paraben, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, and Salicyclic Acid.

On my first application, I already felt a stinging sensation that lasts less than 15 mins. The rejuvinating cream somewhat helps lessen the sensation afterwards. What I don't like about this product is the peeling. The peeling after 2 days of application became too obvious in daylight unlike when I'm using Skin Perfect's facial set. I only had micro-peelings that time which isn't too visible in daylight. Good thing I'm always at home recently. Don't have to worry much about the obvious peeling.

The clarifying solution helps whiten your skin. This is according to Beauche. It also contains Aqua, Ethyl Alcohol, Hydroquinone <0.3%, Tretinoin and Potassium Alum.

I have a so-so impression with the clarifying solution since I don't particularly like or hate it but, I still use it since it's part of the facial set. I use this one after washing my face at night and before putting the exfoliating cream. This solution also has a whitening effect.

What excites me most is the ice rubbing in the morning. I use a Popsicle to massage and rub my face with and I'm actually excited to do it every time I wake up! :) It's easier to rub and massage the face with a Popsicle. Your face doesn't need to drip wet with melted ice anymore. :)

The ice rubbing closes the pore and you'll notice that after 15 minutes of rubbing. Your pores will really tighten and your face will look fresher afterwards. I do the rubbing in upward strokes and it feels like I'm having a face lift. I love home remedies, cheaper but still as effective as those in derma clinics. :) 

Will still wait how this product will transform my skin and enhance my natural complexion after a month. :)

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Yours Truly,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Giveaway Teaser :)

I don't know if this is still normal but, I think I've been taking too seriously my giveaway contest next month. It's almost everyday that I try to layout my giveaway banner/ poster and almost everyday that I edit my contest form. I know you might think I'm over doing it but, I'm just excited, or let me rephrase it as, I'm more excited than you! :)

I wanted to give away the best Ellana product there is and share my experiences to as many Filipina as possible so you can also have the same good experiences I had with mineral cosmetics. So here are the items I want to giveaway for you fellow Filipinas! :)

Watch out for these on April!

If you cannot see the slideshow, you can check out the photo album here.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Giveaway Addiction

I hate to admit it but, I'm getting really addicted to joining giveaway contests lately. I guess what drives me is my longing to have a Sigma brush/es of my own and I'm hoping these giveaways will help me fulfill my dream! haha

So, Renay Shanel or She speaks beauty of Hunnylovins has this Sigma Brush Set giveaway for her followers. Her contest mechanics are so simple, you won't sweat entering! Do check out her contest post here or click on the image. The photo will redirect you to her giveaway post.

Click the image to see her giveaway post

The contest will end on April 6, 2011. ;)

Anyways, I have been brewing a giveaway contest of my own too lately. Will be choosing one lucky winner from those who will be entering in my contest survey here:

Yours Truly,

Pink and Brown Eyeshadows

After doing a pink and brown look, I realized that I really need a good digital camera and notebook to help me blog more beautifully for you all. Those are two of the gadgets lined up on my to-buy's list which I will be stashing as soon as I'm employed. :) But I'm still grateful that I have a good-to-go digital camera and a mini notebook now to help me express my passion through blogging. :)

So, as I'm saying, I did a pink-brown look using Ellana's multipurpose powders in Posh and Wish. Will post swatches of them next time. For now, here's Posh and Wish on their pots. :)

Photos from Everygirls Shop

It's funny because, when my husband saw me with this look, his first reaction was, "your brows are scary!", haha! I overdid the brows. I was thinking that thick brows are IN today so, I did it to myself. Will just make my brows thinner next time. About the eyeshadow, my digital camera isn't doing justice on how it actually looks in person. The pink and brown look silver and grey/ black on the photo. :(

So there's my latest pink and brown smoky version! :) I love it's look in person, hope you liked it too! :)

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Yours Truly,