Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dancing till my last breath

Nothing can be compared to the fulfillment I experience every time I dance for God. I just can't further express how happy I am to be called and still be allowed to dance for Him (especially in the church) despite how weak and undeserving I am. I am just thankful that God allowed me, together with my co-dancers to be in that ministry. Not all of us can dance perfectly nor can all of us memorize steps that easily but, God is still gracious enough to allow us to be His dance ministers. 

What's amazing is dancing for God can be done in many ways -- it can be through hiphop, ballet, folk or ethnic dances. In any way or in any dance moves, God can be praised and worshipped because worship starts in the heart and not in the location, music or patterns. You can worship God through the talents He gave you, may it be dancing, painting, cooking, singing, serving, acting, or eating. In any way, God can be glorified as long as you acknowledge Him who gave you those talents and as long as you set your heart towards Him. Whoever you are, you can worship God, our Creator.

This dance was for the last Sunday of February. First music played was "Sabik sa Presensya Mo" by Faith Music Manila (a Filipino Christian Band) and second music played was "Panginoon ng Aking Buhay" by Rommel Guevarra's Album (a Filipino Christian Artist).

This dance was made during our Church's Christmas party last December 19, 2010 with the music "I Lift Up My Eyes" by Shalom Jerusalem. Choreography by Mrs. Abi Diloy.

This was our dance last October 31, 2010 in preparation for the upcoming Christmas season. Music used was "Joy to the World" by Mariah Carey".

This was our dance presentation for our yearly Thanksgiving Day last November 15, 2010. Music was "Thank you for Giving to the Lord" by unknown artist.

Your Kikay Morena/ Dancer,


  1. galing! di na ko marunong mag-tambourine... hehehe

  2. thank you! Pag dancer ka, anytime na pagsayawin ka, maaalala mo ulit panu sumayaw!:) Nakita mo ba saan ako dun? hehe :)

  3. haha. baka sakin hindi ganun (full gospel na lang naalala ko :)) feeling ko di talaga dancing ang talent ko from God :D yup, saw you... leftmost nung entrance... yung pinaka-matangkad (naks! pang-FA talaga! hehe) halata na ikaw yung leader girl :) props for the choreography :)

  4. AMEN (dun sa pang-FA part) hehe!:) pero hindi talaga pinag-isipan yung choreo kasi 2-day practice lang, ginasgasgas namin yung patterns lalo na arise at zion. hahaha! Kung hindi nga dancing talent mo, feeling ko serving, pang-FA ka nga talaga sis, you'll serve passengers, hehehe! :)


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