Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fave Fruit

Mango is my favorite fruit. :)

In whatever form it may be, I'll eat it. But I'm not particularly a fan of dried mangoes. I like em fresh! :D
Hubby always prepare mango graham cake or mango fruit shake for me. And I'm glad he always does. He really knows it's my favorite!

I remember the time when I go to Goldilocks only to buy my favorite Mango Silvanas. Sadly, they're now made-to-order. I hope Goldilocks will still make them available everyday. Have you tried that too? What's your favorite fruit then? :)

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Ever Yours,


  1. Oh my! I love mangoes too! You should try the mango cake at tsoko.nut (they have one in sm makati) I am sure you'll love it! as in!

  2. really debi??! I should try that cake soon! :D Thanks! Haha! I'm excited ;))

  3. LOVE mangoes! When I found out that it was part of the berry family, it all made sense to me. I love berries of all kinds! :)

  4. Mango shake!!! the best lalo na pag summer!!!

  5. @Michelle: Really? Haha I didn't know it's part of the berry family :) I don't like all berries though, Mango then is my fave berry!!!! :D

    @Jhonica: Yep! Great for summer! How's today's OD? :D

  6. mango is my favorite fruit too. I also love strawberries. those picture are mouth-watering. You made me crave for mango graham.. delish..

    I'm now following you.

  7. Mango is really favorite fruit of many people. In summer is is called as king of fruits. It is also favorite of mine. But I like many fruits indeed. Like bananas, chickoos, watermelon, oranges and grapes.
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  8. i will never say "no" to mango! hahaha

  9. ayun... wala pa rin. hehe. try mo pala yung mngo cream pie ng red ribbon. panalo! hehe

  10. mangoes never fail to delight me. super sarap!
    ok lang din yung dried mangoes, pang alternative sa cravings during off season.


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