Thursday, March 24, 2011

Featuring Syry and her giveaway

What caught my eyes the first time I bump into her blog was her banner!!! I said to myself, the owner really has a sense of art and creativity! I had a hard time figuring out what banner to post in my blog and I have various layouts (which I made) that didn't pass my own criteria. (sigh) I hope I have a web banner as lovely as hers! :) Seriously, I envy your creativity Syry.

Aside from her banner, when I saw her signature, I said to myself, Oh-La-La! This one's sexy! I want to have the same sexy signature for my blog too! LOL! I give Syry and her blog two thumbs up for her creativity! :)

This girl I'm talking about also have a giveaway contest for her followers ritght now. You can join her giveaway contest here or by clicking on the picture below. Her contest runs until April 1, 2011. :)

I have an on-going giveaway contest too, btw! Will be announcing one winner next week (April 1) from those who will enter in the survey! So, do enter now!

Lots of Love!


  1. I joined this one tooo! Good luck!! :D

  2. I joined this too.. Good luck to us!

  3. thank you so much! I'm touched! If only I could shell out more to give everyone a prize :) hehehe
    Joanne, aside from the giveaway I was offering free digital designs...if you'd like maybe we can work on something...but your blog looks fine to me..the colors are so well put together :) love it!

  4. @ Louise: hearing that compliment from you means a lot to me too! I feel better that an artist like you thinks my blog's layout is fine :)

    Thanks Louise! Hope I can still contact you whenever I want to change my blog's look. hehe ;)


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