Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gift-able Goody: Pocket-sized brushes

This is a tiny pouch that you won't think can store five cute brushes at first but, it does and it did! This is Ellana's 5-pc mini brush set with a sleek black velvety case. Before I open it, you have to know that the velvet case, though can be washed, should be maintained through washing or wiping the makeup off the brushes before storing them back again. You can use an alcohol-infused wipes to wipe the makeup off those cuties!

5-pc. Mini Brush Pouch

Take a peek! Do you see the plastic coverings?

The mini brush set includes a foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, slanted eyebrow/ eyeliner brush, lip brush and brow brush w/ eyelash comb. Taddah! Here they are...

Taking a closer look, here are the brushes inside the pouch!

Lip brush, Eyelash comb & eyebrow brush, Eyeshadow brush, Foundation brush and Slanted brush

Let's discuss each cute brushes one by one...

Mini Foundation Brush

The foundation brush has the same size as that of a thumb, I think it's better for concealer application or if you're willing to take the time, you can use it to spread your liquid foundation on areas that needs more coverage such as your nose sides, the under eye area or the T-zone.

Mini Eye Shadow Brush

The eyeshadow brush is very cute! It's just the right tool for those who apply one to two shades of eye shadows most of the time. It's a real to-go eyeshadow brush!

Mini Slanted Eye Brow or Eyeliner Brush

I especially like this brush because it can both be an eyebrow and an eyeliner brush which are the most important to complete a look. I don't have my own gel liner yet but my Ethereal (Matte Black) mineral powder can be a good alternative. I just need a few spritz of water to do the magic. The same can be done to create perfect brows. A perfect brown powder or brow kit is all you need to pair with this slanted brush. :)

Lip Brush
It's a lip brush! It helps you create the perfect red lips or other darker lip color as those are the ones difficult to line on the lips. The lip brush will help you cut cost on lip liners.


Eyelash comb! This unclumps the clumps on your lashes after putting mascara while the brow brush, for setting your brows into place. You don't want your brows going astray while you're on your best makeup look, right?

So these are what's included inside the velvet case of Ellana's 5-pc. mini brush set. They are the best gift-able goodies, I tell you. My mom's actually asking me to give her one already. I bet many lipstick-powder gal will enjoy this kit very much. And before I forgot, this one's worth P450 ($10) only. Very affordable as compared to TBS' 4-pc mini brush set that is worth approx P900 ($20).

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Your Kikay Morena,


  1. cute! i like na matataba ung handle hehehe. :p

  2. Foundation brush is so cute talaga! Hahaha

  3. Ako naman, I like the slanted brush the most para sa eyebrows at pang eyeliner. dun ako mahilig eh :) I think that's what complete my look. :)

  4. Wow. Where to buy it po?

  5. Wow. Where to buy it po?


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