Thursday, March 10, 2011

Giving up a dream

I remember Abraham, of the bible, when he had a dream of having his own son (I don't have the same dream but, I also have a dream of becoming somebody I pictured myself to be) and like him, I also tried my best to achieve my dream. I had my own ways, steps and procedures. But, I know, like Abraham, I'd be able to get hold of the reality of my dream at the time appointed but, I have to let go first of my dream. Isaac came at the time Abraham didn't expect. Isaac came when Abraham wasn't worrying how he could reach his dream. Isaac came when Abraham was having the time of his life. So, I'll be letting go of this dream and I'll be having the time of my life with my husband because I know the dreams God gave me will come at the appointed time. :)

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  1. everything will happen in God's perfect time. who knows, maybe what you want is not God's best plan for you.

  2. Like I always say, there's always time for the future but right now is for right now. :)

    God has his mojo going on up there and we just have to wait and see his master plan unfold.

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies!

    @debi: yes, I do believe everything happens in God's perfect time. He knows what's best for me. :)

    @michelle: You're right, I've yet to see His goodness unfolding in my life. :)


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