Friday, March 18, 2011

Gold and Black Eyeshadow

I was finally able to create an eotd using my gold mineral eyeshadows. Won't be doing a tutorial on this look now but, I would like you to see how it went well! My pretty model, Sha, allowed me to do her eyes up with a golden smoky! Thanks Sha!

 I used Ellana's Gorgeous (pure gold frost) and Ethereal (matte black) MPM here. 



So anyways, here's the gold-black eotd:

What I used on Sha:

Her face:
Dollface concealer palette (conceal and contour)
Ellana Perfect Blend Caramel Latte
Ellana Translucent Espresso Con Panna
Ellana Revive Concealer Powder

Her eyes:
Ellana Gorgeous MPM
Ellana Ethereal MPM
White e/s from Dollface 88 palette
Nichido Black Eyeliner
Nichido Medium Brown Eyebrow Pencil

Her cheeks:
Ellana Patience Blush
Ellana Butter Rum Hiliter

Her lips:
Revlon Matte Mauve it Over
Revlon Matte Fleshtone
Max Factor Gloss

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  1. heyy did you get a new camera? :) The quality looks better! :D And I loooove the colors that you used together. :D

  2. @michelle: I used a different camera. :D I love gold-toned e/s too! Esp now that I saw how beautiful it looks! :)

  3. @Debi: I love it too! I wish we can wear smoky anyday! :D

  4. nice, color... i love the way it blend

  5. @camilla: Me too camilla! Will practice more to perfect this look amd maybe I can find other looks with these colors :D

  6. wow..soooo love the gold!!! Will have a new look using Ellana's gold's I purchased from u:)

  7. yes, pls do that Ms. Leah :) I'd love to see twilight on you so I candecide if I'll purchase too :) hehe


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