Friday, March 4, 2011

Great, Great News!!! Re: Ellana Giveaway Contest


There's a real great, great news for you all today! It's about the giveaway contest I'm brewing this month. I'm thinking of not posting it immediately but, I can't help it! One of the owners of Ellana messaged me and told me that they will be sponsoring P3,000 worth of products for my giveaways! Yayyyy! I'm super excited to start the contest proper!

So please ladies, grab this opportunity to get and try out that Ellana product you've been eying ever since. ;)

I'm really soooo excited about this contest!! So what are you waiting for? Fill out this pre-contest survey to help me decide which items to giveaway now! Anyone in the Philippines can join :)

Click this image to see the pre-contest survey form :)

or click on this link to join! :)

Your Kikay Morena,


  1. wow! CRONGATS AND looking forward to your contest

  2. Hi deby! Thank you but I wouldn't be encouraged to conduct this contest if without my blogger friends and Ellana :) Feel free to tell me what you want to get from Ellana :)

  3. looking forward to your contest too, answered the survey.

    new follower here btw=)

  4. Hi rosey! thanks! watch out for the results and contest proper on April! :)

  5. I'm excited for this contest/giveaway!! i have been buying Ellana's blushes and starting to collect all their blushes. (i had four recently) :)will really be eyeing on this soon :)

    More power and keep blogging


  6. Hi theodemae! thanks for reading my blog! yes, I'm excited for the contest too! Hoping to start more contests in the future for all of you!!! :)


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