Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is this really a makeover?

After doing a makeover for my already-beautiful friend, Tin, nothing much changed. Well, I guess makeup doesn't really have to transform you, it is used to bring out and amplify your natural beauty. Look at my friend Tin, makeup didn't transform her much, it just accentuated the beauty she already have. :)

I'm just happy the boyfriend liked her look. There was no occasion. It wasn't a pre-nuptial shoot (though we already agreed that I'll be doing her makeup on that day), it was just for fun. :) Thank you for allowing me to do you a makeover Tin!!! xoxo

What I used on her face:
Dollface Concealer Palette (yellow and natural shade)
Ellana's Perfect Blend Hazelnut Latte Foundation
Ellana's Revive Concealer
Ellana's Translucent Espresso Con Panna Finishing Powder

On her eyes:
Nichido's Medium Brown Eyebrow Pencil (for the eyebrows)
Nichido's Black Brown Pencil Eyeliner (for the eyelids and outer crease)
Nichido's Brown Pencil Eyeliner (for the crease)
Nichido White Eyeliner (for the lid, inner corner and browbone)

On her cheeks and lips:
Ellana's Lust Blush
Revlon's Lipstick in Fleshtone

Your All-time Kikay Morena,

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