Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kikay Morena featured in JSI's newsletter

As many of you know, before I started blogging, I first became an mmu addict. Only after then did I became an mmu reseller. But I personally didn't blog to sell products. I wanted to blog anything and everything I rave about makeup, specifically mmus. So, that's the sole reason why I started blogging. before, I'm just enjoying too much that I blog anything and everything I want to share to the world. :)

One of my good friends included my blog in her company's newsletter, Jupiter System's Inc. She's been telling me about it for almost a month now and I was actually excited to see the final result. So here's the portion where you'll see my blog! Now, I'm a proud blogger and a proud kikay morena too. :)

I have an on-goping giveaway on my blog right now, if you're interested to join, just click here! or on the photo below:

Will be announcing one winner from those who filled out the survey on April 1 and more will be revealing more giveaways for everyone that day too! :)

Forever Lovely,


  1. Congratulations on this feature! :)

  2. Thanks Michelle and thanks to my good friend for featuring my blog on her article :)


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