Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kikay Morena's Office/ Day Makeup (with OOTD)

Today, I attended an interview and went to two companies to drop my resume. Yes, I'm on a job hunt now and though I still want to take time to explore my options, I'm also praying for the right job to come to me right away.

For my office/ day makeup, I just brightened up my eye to make it look more awake while I'm on the interview, added a flesh lip color on my lips to make it look livelier and put on a little blush to make my cheeks pop up. I can also notice that the facial set I'm using helped me achieve the glow I never had before. If you want to check out what I'm currently using, click here.

So here's me on my office/ day makeup. :)

What I used:

On my face
Dollface Concealer Palette (Natural and Yellow)
Ellana PB Macchiato Foundation
Ellana Revive Concealer Powder (T-zone)
Ellana Translucent Espresso Con Panna

On my eyes
Ellana Honeybunch MPM
Ellana Wish MPM (blended well)
Ellana Dream MPM
Etude Henna Fix Mascara
Nichido White Eyeliner
Nichido Medium Brown Eyeliner
Nichido Black Brown Eyeliner

On my cheeks
Ellana Lust Blush (cheekbone)
Dollface Contour/ Highlight Palette (below and above cheekbone)

On my lips
Etude #2 Lipliner
Revlon Moisture Fleshtone Lipstick
(blotted with tissue paper to make it look more natural)

Of course, before putting on makeup, I toned my face out with Beauche's toner then, I put on a generous amount of moisturizer/ sunblock all over my face and neck. These steps will help you look and feel better and will help hold the makeup longer while keeping your skin protected the whole day.

Aside from my makeup look, here's also my interview/ office outfit of the day.

Kikay Morena's Tip on how to get the best office/ interview look:
  • Face - tone, moisturize and put sunblock first and foremost before putting any makeup. Use a foundation shade same as your skin tone. A shade darker will help hide blemishes. A shade lighter, on the other hand, will give emphasis on your assets (nose bridge, browbone, cheekbone). Spread the foundation/ powder onto your neck also.
  • Eyes - use a neutral base like peaches/ beige and light brown and for contour on the outer-v, use browns, light grey and plums. Avoid shimmery e/s and avoid black (this won't make you look any younger). Widen the eyes with a brown or black-brown eye liner and mascara. Fix your brows with a natural brow pencil color. I use a medium brown pencil for my brows to help lighten my look.
  • Lips - use flesh tone or a more natural lip color. Avoid plums. Blot excess lipstick with a tissue to make the lips look natural.
  • Cheeks - use a more natural blush color. Filipinas look naturally blushed with a peachy/pink color. You can also use a rosey or a light brown blush color.

Remember to do your makeup in natural lighting and not under artificial lighting. You need to see how it'll look on daylight. And also, an office or interview makeup need not to be distracting. It has to look good on you but it shouldn't be distracting to the interviewer. You don't want the interviewer to think that you plan to go to a party right after the interview so, leave that striking pink gloss to a real night party. At the same time, your makeup has to make you feel good and comfortable about yourself while you're having a conversation with other people.

So, I think that would be all for today! Hope you enjoyed reading my blog! :)

Ever Yours,


  1. I love your outfit! Nice makeup too, simple and natural. What kind of work are you looking for? I'm also on a job hunt. Haha.

  2. Me like your outfit!!! :D

  3. @Elaine: Thanks Elaine! I'm currently looking for a job related to marketing and advertising. :) How about you?

    @Aya: Thanks Aya! It's simple and elegant. Black really never fails.

  4. cute outfit! i like your makeup. :)

  5. parang you look like Erich Gonzales in your first pic..hehe!
    Love the whole look and thanks for the make up tips, very helpful! :)

  6. Thanks sugar sugar! This makeup look is really becoming my favorite :)

    @Jenggay: Woah? Erich? Haha. Maybe the outer-v contour just helped liven up my eyes kaya ganun. I'm learning new versions of the no-makeup look each day. Haha


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