Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me in Gold FOTD

I love gold! I'm seriously, absolutely and wholly in love with it! It complements my warm undertone reallywell. I think gold would be my favorite makeup shade from now on until, um, I don't know... forever? LOL
I paired my bright sunny gold frost mineral e/s called "Twinkle" with a brown e/s from my 88 earth palette. I wasn't able to finish off this look with a golden gloss and bronzed cheek but, I'm still proud how my unfinished FOTD went pretty well.

Here are my eyes in closeup. You'll notice that my eyes are still without eyeliner and mascara. I was on to finishing off this look when some of my ever kikay relatives, who always love surprises, went to our house without notice. haha! So, I had to stop my makeup-session with me, myself and I until the next morning. There's always next time for me to re-do this look! I'm planning to wear this one on our Filipiniana dance presentation next Sunday.

A kikay morena will always be a kikay morena! So, here's what I wore in this look...

On my face:
Dollface Concealer Palette (yellow, neutral and dark brown)
Ellana Perfect Blend Macchiato
Ellana Translucent Espresso Con Panna
Ellana Revivce Concealer Powder

On my eyes:
Ellana Twinkle MPM
Dollface 88 earth palette (brown)
Nichido pencil liner (medium brown)

Wasn't able to put blush-on and lipstick anymore :)

I'm sooo enjoying face contouring right now also! HAHA. I hope I'm not overdoing it! I'm excited to learn makeup the pro way too! I'm crossing my fingers this summer! =D

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  1. nice! Luv luv the gold sis...

  2. Pretty! :D It's your fave talaga ah. Haha

  3. Nice shades used! and you look beautiful by the way...

    your eyeshadows just a need a little bit more blending.

  4. @ Leah: Me too, hehe. You should swatch and make an FOTD with your gold e/s too! :)

    @Aya: hehe.. yes, i think gold likes me too. hehe

    @Hollie: Thanks Ms. Hollie! Will practice more to perfect the application. I'll take note of the "blending" next time. Your comment is very helpful! :)

  5. You're welcome.
    By the way I gave you an award.

  6. Saw it! I appreciate it, btw :) Thanks! Joined your bday contest also! ;D

  7. Thanks debi! How are you? Your new work seems to be keeping you busy.. :)


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