Monday, March 7, 2011

My Golden Mineral e/s

Just bought these two lovelies lately and I haven't taken swatches or tried any looks with them on yet but, I'm excited to! Will do it as soon as I have time! For the mean time, I just wanted to show them off to you! :)

Gorgeous and Twinkle Multipurpose Powders

They're truly lovely. I can't wait to try a golden look as I know that look suits my morena skin really well.

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Yours Truly,


  1. yahuu! parang andame ng improvements ng site ah. :)) labettt!

  2. girl, ganda din nung sensational! try mo :)

    QR OD NA SA 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaaahhh!!!!!

  3. @ Apola: Thank you! you're one of those who inspires me to imrpove my blog! Binabasa nyo kasi :) And for that, salamat!
    @ Jhonica: Wohooo! OD na nga na nanaman, I leave it to God na lang! HAHA. wala ng expectations but will still be full of hope. :) WIll try din sensation next time :) Kaso may yellow submarine din ako, they might have almost the same effect.

  4. Oooohhhh I'd love to see a look with these! :)

  5. @michelle: I'm excited to do an fotd with them on too! :D


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