Friday, March 25, 2011

New look I want to recreate :)

Next to gold, I want to have bronzes. I want to explore earth colors like those! They're the shades that's definitely IN for a Filipina beauty like me. And what's making me want bronzes more is Ellana's new summer catalog with Camille, a totally gorgeous Filipina beauty, as model.

According to Ms. Coney, this is the mineral makeup she's wearing...

Face - Tranlucent Espresso Con Panna
Cheeks - City Roast (For Contouring) and Bliss
Bronzer - Ecstasy (lovely bronzer)
Eyes - Foiled Dazzle and Embrace on undereyes
Lips - lip gloss with Charisma Multipurpose Powder

I definitely want to grab Ecstasy and Dazzle! Watch out for me with it! I'm going crazy over these minerals! :)

Forever Kikay,


  1. Nice choice, but I'm not digging that frosted lip color..hehe

  2. Oooooohhh! Excited to see your take on this! :)

  3. @ Hollie: but Camille pulled the frosted lip color pretty well, right? :) I'd do it if it's gold hehe. :)

    @Michelle: I'll do this as soon as I have dazzle! :)

  4. Love the bronzer...

    go go go! i know you can pull it!

  5. @Debi: The bronzer looks great indeed on Camille! I'm controlling myself from ordering that one too! lol

  6. hi sis! followed you narin :)

    thanks so much for commenting. gusto ko din paperm kaso ayaw ni bf ng curly ako eh. tsaka hirap maintain..gusto ko ung wash and wear style lang..i hate using hair products pa man din..hehe peri i really appreciate your comment! thanks!

  7. I've been using Ellana since last year kaso naubos na stocks ko. Pag bakasyon ko sa Manila next week, bili ako ng madami haha. I'm looking forward to seeing your version of this look! I'm sure bagay sayo! :)

    PS: I love you blog, Joanne! Followed you back ^__^

    Lee of [Caffeinated Epiphanies]

  8. thanks for the following. :)

  9. Thanks miemiemie, lee and thechyrelgomez! :)


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