Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pink and Brown Eyeshadows

After doing a pink and brown look, I realized that I really need a good digital camera and notebook to help me blog more beautifully for you all. Those are two of the gadgets lined up on my to-buy's list which I will be stashing as soon as I'm employed. :) But I'm still grateful that I have a good-to-go digital camera and a mini notebook now to help me express my passion through blogging. :)

So, as I'm saying, I did a pink-brown look using Ellana's multipurpose powders in Posh and Wish. Will post swatches of them next time. For now, here's Posh and Wish on their pots. :)

Photos from Everygirls Shop

It's funny because, when my husband saw me with this look, his first reaction was, "your brows are scary!", haha! I overdid the brows. I was thinking that thick brows are IN today so, I did it to myself. Will just make my brows thinner next time. About the eyeshadow, my digital camera isn't doing justice on how it actually looks in person. The pink and brown look silver and grey/ black on the photo. :(

So there's my latest pink and brown smoky version! :) I love it's look in person, hope you liked it too! :)

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Yours Truly,


  1. I love this look!Shame the photos didn't pick up the right colours, my camera does that's really annoying ha..


  2. I seldom do eotd's and the camera discourages me more not to... But anyways, I do it just for the sake of practicing. :) Thanks for the comment chuii!

  3. I love the pink and brown combination especially on the eyes.

    Why don't you try playing with the contrast and exposure and saturation of the photo? It might just give you something a bit closer to the real thing. :)

  4. Will try to do that next time michelle! :) You're right, I didn't experiment with my cam's settings :)

  5. i always love pinks!

    i do have a couple of pink shadows though i have stopped doing smokey eye make-up na but still, pinks is something that i wear as much as i can. pink & brown is always a cute combination!

    thanks for the email,hun
    i really appreciate it!

  6. @thiamere: welcome girly! :D

  7. hey hey i love your kilay. hehehe. :) just got back from vacation. will join the contest na :)

  8. @ Apola: Thanks! Haha! Hubby thinks it's scary tho :)


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