Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recent Beauty Buy

I've recently ordered a Beauche Facial Set from an online reseller in FB, Ms. Ella Manalese . I've heard good reviews about the brand and been wanting to try it even before I had my Skin Perfect Facial Set. Skin Perfect's Facial Set is worth more than a thousand while Beauche, barely a thousand and with free shipping nationwide. Beauche Facial Set is P750 and the set includes a skin toner, a skin clarifying solution, an exfoliating cream, a rejuvinating cream, an age eraser/ moisturizer/ sunblock cream and a whitening beauty soap. All these in one set. As to how long a set will last, I still don't know. I've been using this set for 4 days now and so far, no irritation or breakouts occurred.

My face started to peel 2 days after using the set. I also noticed that the palm of my hand is peeling too! Maybe I should rinse my hands after applying all that cream at night. But I guess, it's still a good thing since I want my palm's old skin to be exfoliated too! hehe

Kidding aside, here's the set that arrived on my mail 4 days ago.

Together with the set is a sheet of paper with instructions. Here are what's in the paper:

At night time:
1. Apply skin toner on face and neck.
2. Wash face and neck with beauty soap.
3. Apply clarifying solution with upward stroke.
4. Apply exfoliating cream in circular motion. Do not rinse.
5. After 15 minutes, apply the rejuvinating cream. Do not rinse.

At day time:
1. Rub face with ice to close pores, lift dead skin and eliminate night creams.
2. Wash face with beauty soap.
3. Apply the age eraser cream in circular motion.

These are what's included in the set:

According to Beauche Int'l, this cream helps lighten the skin and eliminate blemishes. It also improes the skin's ability to remain young and glowing. This cream contains Aqua, Methyl Paraben, Citric Acid, Retinoic Acid, Hydroquinone <0.3%, and Vitamin E.

The rejuvinating cream's color is lime green. It has the same smell as the age eraser cream. I love it's scent because it smells like the favorite colorful stationery I used to collect in high school. I apply it after the exfoliating cream. 

The age eraser cream gives a pink glow effect  on your face, makes you look younger, healthier and fresher. Contains SPF that protects the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. This cream also contains Aqua, Methyl Paraben, Petroleum, Parsol, Placentol, Milk Lactates, and Titanium Dioxide.

The age eraser cream's color is old rose. I apply it before going out in the morning and after washing my face. Its scent is the same as the rejuvinating cream's scent. As to the SPF's capability, I don't know yet as I've not had too much sun exposure since I started using this set. The SPF's effectiveness is also not indicated in the container.

I haven't used this yet because I still have a kojic soap to use up. According to beauche, this soap is both a body and facial soap. It whitens and removes pimples and blemishes. This soap contains Aqua, VCO, Glycerine, Kojic Acid and Papaya Enzymes.

The skin toner contains Aqua, Ethyl Alcohol, Sodium Metabisulfite, Vitamin C and fragrance (which I don't like). Beauche claims that this toner freshens the face.

The skin toner indeed is what we need to freshen our face up before applying moisturizer/ sunblock and before putting makeup. I wanted this but, I don't like its scent. It smells like a raspberry flavored multivitamin syrup which I used to take when I was a kid.

Beauche claims that this exfoliating cream completely eliminates blemishes, reduces age spots & rashes and peels of old skin. It also makes your face radiant looking. This cream contains Aqua, Methyl Paraben, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, and Salicyclic Acid.

On my first application, I already felt a stinging sensation that lasts less than 15 mins. The rejuvinating cream somewhat helps lessen the sensation afterwards. What I don't like about this product is the peeling. The peeling after 2 days of application became too obvious in daylight unlike when I'm using Skin Perfect's facial set. I only had micro-peelings that time which isn't too visible in daylight. Good thing I'm always at home recently. Don't have to worry much about the obvious peeling.

The clarifying solution helps whiten your skin. This is according to Beauche. It also contains Aqua, Ethyl Alcohol, Hydroquinone <0.3%, Tretinoin and Potassium Alum.

I have a so-so impression with the clarifying solution since I don't particularly like or hate it but, I still use it since it's part of the facial set. I use this one after washing my face at night and before putting the exfoliating cream. This solution also has a whitening effect.

What excites me most is the ice rubbing in the morning. I use a Popsicle to massage and rub my face with and I'm actually excited to do it every time I wake up! :) It's easier to rub and massage the face with a Popsicle. Your face doesn't need to drip wet with melted ice anymore. :)

The ice rubbing closes the pore and you'll notice that after 15 minutes of rubbing. Your pores will really tighten and your face will look fresher afterwards. I do the rubbing in upward strokes and it feels like I'm having a face lift. I love home remedies, cheaper but still as effective as those in derma clinics. :) 

Will still wait how this product will transform my skin and enhance my natural complexion after a month. :)

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  1. can't wait for the results, any suggestions on a good stomach stretch cream/ after-birth deflated balloon type skin? :)

  2. Interesting..I've never heard of this brand before :) Will wait for your results if they're a good buy.

  3. @ Ms. Eggplant: Can't wait for the results too! About the stomach stretch cream, don't know any but I was once in search for that kind of cream/lotion. :)

    @Katsiepooh: Yes, they're not yet known in the market but many beauty-enthusiasts have tried them too. :)

  4. Definitely do a review on this one! I'm looking for good skin care products. :)

  5. this is my beauty regimen staple :)


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