Friday, March 11, 2011

Skin Care 101

I've been up to perfecting my skin tone lately. I wanted to achieve a perfect glowing tan skin so I opted to do and maintain a good skincare routine. I think I had to since, for many years, I wasn't taking care of my skin at all. I just noticed that my lack of enthusiasm to protect and improve my skin lead me to have a very dry and dull skin tone. So, just last year, I started to include the following steps in my skincare routine: 1. Exfoliate, 2. Moisturize and 3. Be sun protected.

My husband just bought these two moisturizers for me recently. Very sweet of him to do so. :)

I've been using these two lately. I use Vaseline Healthy White with SPF whenever I'll be going out and Dove Cream Oil when I'm not.

Vaseline Healthy White Triple Lightening with SPF24, like any other sunblock, is somewhat hard to blend on the skin. The cream is so thick that you have to take time to blend it. But that's not a problem with me at all. The smell, for me, is okay also. I like it for it's sun-protecting capability. :)

I like dove's smell and since it doesn't have sun-protection, it's easier to blend on the skin.

Will post the prices of these lovelies next time!

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  1. If ever you're in need of a new sun block, try Clinique's tinted sun block. :) No more trouble blending. :)

  2. I'm not much of a sunblock user but with all that's happening with the climate today, with the global warming and all, I think I need to start to develop the habit.

    I tagged you in my post nga pala, Joanne :)

  3. hi there, I'm a new follower.
    I saw through Aya's blog. Please visit my blog as well.

    I've used that Vaseline lotion, I even have the smallest one and carry it with me in my makeup bag everyday. It's an okay lotion, although I don't really notice the the sunblock capability coz I rarely soak in the sun.

    I'm really loving the SkinWhite lotion now, the papaya variant, just because it smells great! wahehe...

  4. Hi michelle! will try that one next time! ;)
    @ Aya: Thanks for tagging me!
    @ Hollie: Yes, I remember using skinwhite before and it smelled great indeed! btw, I have a pre-giveaway contest on my blog right now. And will be having another on the 1st of April! Watch out for it and check the recent update here: :)

  5. Your husband has really care for your beauty. I am also careful for my wife's skin and beauty.
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