Sunday, April 17, 2011

Allah's Makeover :)

Guys, first of all, I'd like to thank you for sharing your thoughts through my giveaway contest and commenting on my posts. Your answers really help and I'll be sure to do all those improvements you suggested for the beauty of all, most especially for my blog's! :)

So anyways, I did another makeover for a friend. I'm glad that all my makeover accomplice are very cooperative and very happy to let me do them a makeover.

My newest makeover model is Allah, a very pretty and fair church-mate and friend :)

Allah asked me to do her an office makeup look. She'll be wearing a black skirt and white top and she wants to know which eye color will look best on her. I suggested we use gray and she approved it. So, I used gray and white on Allah's eyes. And since it's for an office setting, I applied the eyeshadow subtly. Here's her EOTD.

I applied the darkest gray from her e/s palette on the outer corners, nearest to the crease and outer lids only. I also made her brows look fuller and though at first she didn't like the fuller brows, the next minutes after she began to like it more.

So here's Allah before and after. Ain't she pretty? :)

The makeup I used on this makeover are...

On her face
Ellana's Chai Tea Latte (Light for Olive Undertones)
Ellana's Finishing Espresso Con Panna
Dollface Mini Contour/ Highlight Palette

On her lips
Etude #2 Lipliner

On her cheeks and eyes
From Allah's Palette
Nichido Medium Brown Brow Liner
Nichido Black Brown Eyeliner

Anyways girls, I have to go now. Limited internet connection's really keeping me from blogging more! Also, don't forget to join my mineral makeup giveaway contest, okay? I love yah!


  1. She's pretty to begin with :D

    Nice job Joanne :)

  2. AWESOME JOB!!! She's gorgeous!!

  3. I love that it still looks so natural! good job!

  4. she is indeed pretty! Thank again girls!:D

  5. @Hollie: I did some practice on my blending. I heeded your advice. :)


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