Friday, April 15, 2011

Interview Day OOTD II

I just attended an interview for the post I've been waiting for the past weeks. I used the same pants (as you'll notice) and just mixed and matched it with another top and accessories. Yes, I used the same pants again. I even use the same pants four times a month. And btw, I wore this in two different company interviews. :)

So here's my outfit! I topped my white chinese-collared blouse with an overlapping blazer and I accessorized my neck with a layered beads necklace. :)

This time, I put on a heavier foundation since I need a makeup that'll last the whole day. I also permed my hair with a curling iron.

What I like most in my outfit is the blazer. It's very versatile. I bought it from Simple Match and just mix and match it with different outfits; may it be skirt, slacks or pants. :)

Anyways, don't forget to join my mineral makeup giveaway girls. Just click here or click on the photo below to join. ;)

Lots of Love from,


  1. Love the blazer! And your hair :D

  2. I so love your interview outfit! it's classy an sasssy!

  3. LOOOOOOOOVE your blazer!!

  4. Thank you girls! Btw, I received a good comment from the HR officer because of the blazer! ;)


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