Friday, April 1, 2011

Kikay-Morena-Loves-Ellana Giveaway

It's kikay morena's giveaway contest time!

I know most you are aware how I've been sooo excited to start this giveaway contest right away after starting the giveaway survey a month earlier. So, allow me to formally announce the opening of this much awaited giveaway contest today! Yey! This post's gonna be long, so please bear with me... ;)

First of all I would like to thank and congratulate those who filled out my giveaway survey last month. I also would like to congratulate the winner who won the Ellana item she requested in the survey form. Will announce the lucky winner/s soon this day.

So, let me once again introduce my first giveaway entitled, Kikay Morena loves Ellana giveaway contest... ;)

With the help of Ellana Minerals, Kikay Morena will be giving away P3,000 worth of Ellana items to 3 lucky winners from anywhere here in the Philippines. All you have to do is follow the mechanics below. The P3,000 worth of prizes include (1) Ellana flawless face gift pack, (1) Kikay Morena's modified Ellana face gift pack and (1) Kikay Morena's modified Ellana eyes gift pack. And here are what's included in the gift packs! :)

#1 Ellana Flawless Face Gift Pack
Isabella Cosmetics Bag
Baby Buki Brush
4g Mineral Finishing Powder

#2 Modified Face Gift Pack
Alexandria Cosmetics Bag (Black or Silver) 
Baby Buffer Brush
1g White Chocolate HD Sheer Velvet Primer
1g Mineral Foundation
1g Mineral Blush

#3 Modified Eyes Gift Pack
Alexandria Cosmetics Bag (Black or Silver) 
1 Eye Primer
3 pcs. Mineral Eyeshadows
1 Flat Liner Brush
1 Eye Brush

Everyone who enter will have a chance to win one of these gift packs but, bonus chances will also be given to those who will try to earn extra points. Just read every instructions carefully to earn the extra points. Contest ends on June 1, 2011 and winners will be chosen via

First winner announcement will be on May 1, 2011. Second winner will be announced on May 16, 2011 and third winner on June 1, 2011! So, mark your calendars now! :)

FYI: These giveaway contest is open only for those residing in the Philippines (since postal services here isn't that trust-worthy for international shippings yet) and it's sad 'coz I would really love to share my ellana-lovings to friends abroad too. Anyways, here are the contest mechanics... :)

1. You must FOLLOW me on Google and/or Bloglovin PUBLICLY on the sidebar (If you do not have a blogger or tumblr account, you can use your yahoo, gmail or twitter account to follow. Just remember to follow publicly.)

How? Just click the follow button on the right side and any Bloglovin images to follow. :)

2. Follow me on Twitter. You can click the twitter button on the right side to do so. (my twitter name: kikaymorena)
3. Must like my Facebook page. Leave a comment or post on my wall if you like :) 
4. You must have a valid email account (contest awardees will be notified via email)
5. And, you must share what you like most about my blog and what improvement you think should be done below... :)
6. Lastly, enter the item you want to win the most.

Do you wanna earn EXTRA POINTS? Just simply tweet and share my link on your Facebook wall and invite 2 friends to like my page. You can also instantly have additional 8 points when you sidebar and blog about my giveaway or add me on your blogroll/list.

I will also be asking about your skin undertone, skin tone and type but, rest assured that this portion won't affect your chances of winning. This will just help me choose the best foundation, blush and eyeshadow shades for you, if you'll win. Remember to always be hopeful! To correctly determine your undertone, you can check my post about how to determine your skin undertone.

I've heard most of you are finding it hard to upload the form because of slower internet connection. If you're having troubles with the upload, just simply enter on the comment box below the ff:
Google Friend Connect Name:Bloglovin Name:Email:Twitter Username:Facebook Username:Tell me what you like most about my blog and what you think should be improved:Indicate the gift pack you want to win:
For additional points, just enter the following:
Twitter profile link (tweet this giveaway):
Usernames of two friends who liked my FB page (invite 2 friends):
Your FB post's link (share my link on FB):
Sidebar or blogroll link:
Link to your blog post about my giveaway:

Thank you and God bless!

Ever Yours,


  1. Thank you soooo much for the giveaway! :)

  2. Yeyyyy! Excited for your announcement later. I joined this giveaway! Cool prizes eh :DDD Thanks, Joanne :)

  3. thanks, joanne, for another opportunity! your gifts just get more awesome :)

  4. yes the day has finally come!!! wooo! had been waiting for this since i answered your survey :)

    keep it up and keep blogging!!!!


  5. Hi..i've joined your contest..i enjoy reading your blog and thanks for the reviews on Ellana Minerals.

  6. I'm a new follower.^__^

    Found out about this site through Ellana Minerals. ^__^

  7. Pick me!! LOL Thanks for having this giveaway!

  8. Thanks everyone, for joining! :D Lots of love and always be hopeful!

  9. theres baby buffer pla!

  10. Enter me please! I am really looking forward to using MMU. Thanks so much for hosting this give-away!:)

  11. Thanks for the love everyone! The answers you entered and will enter really helps!

  12. i just joined this giveaway! Thank you! :)

  13. pick me :) coz im really obsessed right now into brushes and would like to try the buki brush :)

  14. @apola: Yes! there's a baby buffer brush din! It's bigger compared to the baby buki. :)

  15. count me in :)
    I'm hoping to win! love this giveaway!

  16. hi..i submitted last time my entry form.. just wanna ask if i can add another link (my blog link)that i made just a couple of days this will give me an additional points? here's my link..

    hope you will add me too..yay! =)


  17. I joined your Giveaway! Thanks for doing this Giveaway sis!

  18. super love the giveaways! enter me please.. :)

  19. just joined ur giveaway, loved that you made a questioner for things that need to be done for the contest. made it easy for me to sum it all up!thanks! ^_^

    hope i win! yay! ^_^

  20. Thanks for joining everyone! I will review your entries and will consider your follow-ups for additional points. So don't worry if you try to earn points late. :)

  21. joined! :D excited na ko! :)

  22. good job with the blog, jo! :) joined your contest na rin, hihihi.

  23. Joined your contest! Thanks Joanne and Ellana for the generous prizes! - jessica

  24. im crossing my finger.. m so excited!

  25. Here's the copy of my entry para sure sis. thanks! :)

    Followed your blog:
    GFC Name: Eloisa Co


    Followed you on twitter: eloisa_co20

    Like Kikaymorena fb wall: Eloisa Co

    hat you like most about my blog and what improvement you think should be done:I like your blog layout. I like that you have labels and recent posts; I think these are the two gadgets that are very helpful for your readers.

    Modified Eyes GP
    I have warm/golden/yellow undertone
    My shade in Ellana is in Hazelnut (medium to light?)
    My skin type is combination

    Additional pts:

    I tweeted :!/eloisa_co20

    I invited 2 friends to like your FB Page: Paz Abugan Co, April Mejia

    Share your giveaway on my fb:
    I don't know how to find the link but I did tag your page. Hope you could see it on your page . username: Eloisa Co,

    Link your giveaway on my blog sidebar:
    Posts your blog giveaway on my blog:

    Ginawa ko lahat ng steps sis! :) Thank you. :))

  26. Haha! Noted everything Eloisa ;))
    Thanks a lot for joining!

  27. Joined your contest! All I have to do is to wait until June to find out whose that lucky girl who will win. Hope that I'll be that girl *crossed fingers*

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway~

  28. 1. FOLLOWED on Google and Bloglovin
    2. Followed you on Twitter im @Sherfriends
    3. Liked and posted at
    4. valid email account
    5. I want to share what I like most about your blog is that it suggest beauty products blog and also shares about faith
    6. the item i want to win the most is the
    #2 Modified Face Gift Pack

  29. Twitter profile link (tweet this giveaway):!/Sherfriends/status/72223650748698624

    Usernames of two friends who liked my FB page Juliet Pegad and Eunice Capuli:

    Your FB post's link (share my link on FB):

  30. thanks for the giveaway :) i'm done submitting my entry and hoping to win

    want to ask a lil favor:) ur comment for this blog post will help a lot

    many thanks

  31. I just filled up the form and joined! weee! THANKS!

  32. Joined the giveaway! Thank you! -Reisha D.

  33. Hi, I'm a newbie. I'm joining your contest. Best of luck to everyone! ^_^

  34. Already filled up the form and joined! Hope I win!

    Lourdes Espanol

  35. Thanks for joining gels ;))

  36. Thank you for Ms. Kikay Morena for this giveaway! I already received the Ellana Flawless Face gift pack! i love it! More power to you! :)

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  38. Happy to hear that THE NYX! Hope you can do a review about them for us soon! :)


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