Saturday, May 7, 2011

Grey ES on Morena Skin

I was very hesitant at first to try grey because I was told how it won’t look great on my deep warm skin tone. But hey, there’s no harm in giving something a try, right? So, I did a test one day. I used the grey e/s on my scheduled job offer. Yes, I got the job I applied for in my recent office OOTD! Then, I did the grey e/s another try the next day, on our Alumni Homecoming and another try the next -- our Sunday Service and again another, a day after that -- my dinner date with friends. I sure enjoyed the supposed-to- be trials that ended up as new EOTDs. J

Will be showing off some of the photos I took while doing the “trials”. Please let me know me if I was able to pull off the grey e/s pretty well, okay?

By the way, there are so many shades of grey, so I chose to use the less shimmery and less frosty ones. I chose mid-tone grays and two darker shades for the outer-V for my medium warm skin tone. I also used white for highlighting the inner corners and the brow bones.

Lighter Grey EOTD

What I used:

I think this lighter shade doesn't work great on me but the mid-tones did though! :D

Midtone Grey EOTD

What I used:

I used Ellana's Dream for Highlighting because I find it easier to blend on my skin.

I would therefore conclude that grey colors can be pulled off by morena women, we just have to choose the shade that's nearest our skin color, mid-tone for medium skin tones that is.

  • Don't use super shimmery greys if you're morena. Shimmers won't work great on our skin.
  • Choose MID-TONE greys
  • Blend and contour the grey with browns to make the color blend well with your skin

If you're also morena, what eye shade do you dread the most? Why not give it a try and show us if it also works on our sun-kissed and naturally tan skin?

Anyways, please do join my summer mineral makeup giveaway! It's now the second part of it, just make sure to try to earn extra points so you can have a good chance of winning :)

Lots of Love,


  1. Love your look! I wish I could get that palette too. Haha. Btw, I forgot if I joined your contest already. Is it ok to fill it out again just in case?

  2. Nice job :D

    I tagged you, by the way :)

  3. Thanks Elaine, I'm glad I bought this palette. It works for all my daytime looks. It's also perfect for office makeups. :)

    Thanks for the award aya!

  4. @Elaine: As I was checking the giveaway database, you haven't joined this one yet. So, go ahead! Make your entry now! :D

  5. I think both looks look pretty on you :). I ♥ grey e/s... I have yet to try a non-shimmery grey though.


  6. Thanks for the comment janel :)


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