Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who's your celebrity look-alike? :)

Hi girls! Who do people say is your celebrity look-alike? People sometimes tell us that we look like a known local or Hollywood celebrity and we may take it as a compliment or as a criticism, either way, since we all have unique faces, we still can't say that we really look like anybody else unless that somebody is our twin. hehe :)

A well-respected elder in our church told me that I remind her of J-Lo and did I take it as a compliment or as a criticism? Of course, I took it as a compliment but, more of a joke. (lol) Jennifer Lopez, to me, is a very glam and gorgeous lady. She's actually my idol and to be compared to her is like a joke to me. I tried finding a photo of her that might look like me but, even her worst photos didn't a bit look like my best. LOL

Like what my spiritual dad says, JUST say "THANK YOU" when someone gives you a compliment, may it be true or not. LOL

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Another is Tyra Banks. Yes, we have the same color, and body type but I also can't see how I look like her. For me she's way prettier. She's a supermodel and I'm not! But, I also believe I am pretty in my own unique way. :)

Photos from Google

So, who's your celebrity look alike girls? Share it here!

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  1. My classmates tell me, Bea Alonzo. Idk. Layo naman. Haha. :)

    Oooh but J-lo is really sexy and cool! She's got nice fashion taste too. :)


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