Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Time Ever Fun Shoot

I know everyone LOVE the neutral makeup look. Only by being an expert natural-makeup-look artist do we start to experiment and learn other interesting looks! And that's the stage where I am IN now, the stage of exploring and enjoying different natural makeup looks. 

I'm very happy I was finally able to do a shoot with co-artists/ friends and finally, I was able to see how the makeup I used to love will look in front of the lights and camera.

Anyways, here's the photo of my Pauleen Luna-look alike model on my first photo shoot as MUA. :)

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What I did on this shoot was, I prepared all the shades that will match her skin really well. Good thing, the model's skin tone was almost like mine so, I didn't have any problem searching for the right foundation, blush, eyeshadows, etc. (I haven't really invested on expanding my makeup shade collection right now and it would really be out-of-budget if ever I would, LOL). Anyways, finding the RIGHT shade is essential in creating a NATURAL makeup look. And lastly, what I love about this look is, it's the EVERYDAY look. It can be worn at the office, weddings, events, etc.

What I used on the model:

MAC Sheer Select in NC37
Ellana Translucent Finishing in Espresso Con Panna
Ellana Concealer in Whimsy and Revive

Ellana Blush in Bliss
Dollface Contour/ Highlight Palette

Nichido Eyebrow Liner in Medium Brown
Etude Henna Mascara in Black
Ellana MPM in Honeybunch
Ellana MPM in Beloved
Ellana MPM in Wish
Ellana MPM in Dream

Revlon Moisture Lipstick in Fleshtone

I'm so in love with the natural makeup look! Are you in love with it too?
Now you understand how I love makeup and blogging so much! I LOVE MAKEUP-BLOGGIN'! :))

Lots of Love!

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