Sunday, June 19, 2011

From Delicate to Passionate

Here's another part of the project I did with my new found artist friends. I'm uber ecstatic because I know this won't be the last time I'll do a shoot with them. And I know this will help improve my skills in makeup. ^_^

Anyways, let me introduce you to my model, Melissa. She was a ramp model before and is now being pushed by the hubby to get back into the circulation.

Looks very delicate, ey?
But look at her after the makeover...

The gold and black e/s opened up her eyes which is what we both wanted to achieve on that shoot. The model wanted a look that will make her eyes look bigger. So far, she liked the outcome and she's also looking forward on our next shoot. I bet she'll still be able to pull off any look I'll make in the future. She's really a good model. She didn't have a hard time projecting in front of the camera. Thanks for that sis! :)

What I used on the model:

Ellana Translucent Finishing in Espresso Con Panna

Ellana MPM in Divine (Deep Gold Frost) - base
Ellana MPM in Ethereal (Matte Black) - contour, definer and eyeliner
Ellana MPM in Twinkle (Bright Sunny Gold Frost) - highlight
Ellana MPM in Dream (White Frost) - highlight
Nichido Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown - browliner

Dollface Mini Contour and Highlight Palette - on the cheekbone

Dollface Concealer Palette
Revlon Mauve It Over Matte Lipstick

I'm just amazed how great she looks with fierce poses, that's why I entitled this blog "from delicate to passionate". Mind you, it's the hubby telling her what poses to make. Kudos to the hubby.

I'm really looking forward to do more shoots with her and the photographer, Mike Magsino.

Lots of Love!


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