Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love never dies

I know I no longer update my blog regularly but that doesn't mean I stopped doing the things I do and loving the things I love. Especially my love for this art -- beauty and makeup. :)

Do you agree that the photo on the right looks like Cristine Reyes? After putting a little bit of color on her face, I think she really did look like her. *wink* The girl in the photo is one of my good friends in the company I'm currently employed in. I did her makeup for an event where she was invited to sing.

What I did? I used a pink plum lipstick, warm-toned finishing powder and neutral-toned frosted eyeshadows. Also did a little contour here and there and poof! Cristine Reyes! LOL

My focus when I did her makeup was to make her eyes brighter without making it look bigger. Her eyes are naturally prominent and I wanted to make that asset stand out. So what I did, I used a pale-pink frosted eye shadow from another good friend's palette as base all over her eyelids and up to the crease. Then, I used a frosted medium-brown e/s on her outer lids up to her outer crease and blended both of them with a great blending brush from my 21-pc Charm brush set. I used frosted e/s instead of matte because the event will be at night and matte e/s won't do it's magic like when a carriage turns into a pumpkin at midnight. ;)

For the brow bone and inner lids, I used a white e/s to highlight those spots. That trick made her eyes look brighter and alive. :) Applied the same frosted medium-brown e/s on her nose line to bring out it's natural contour. Face powder, concealer and foundation covers the natural contour of our face that's why contouring is necessary to complete our look. Afterwards, I polished her eye makeup with a jet black liner thinly applied on her upper lids, curled her lashes and brushed it with a cat's eye mascara from Maybelline!

The eye makeup isn't still complete without a good looking eyebrows. What I used on her brows are a medium-brown eye pencil and an ever-reliable slanted Charm brow brush for shaping. The colors I used are very natural, which is what she and I wanted. I think the brow color also made her eyes look lighter, with of course, a little bit of help from the eye shadow. :)

Lastly, the blush I used on her is a bright pink blush since pale and natural shades won't stand out at night. I applied it slightly below (and never above) the apple of her cheeks, applied a little highlighter on the cheekbone (just beneath the eye area) and a little bit of peach on the apple of her cheeks. Also applied highlighter on her nose bridge. ;)

Finished everything with a touch-up of a sheer mineral powder from my ever favorite, Ellana. :)

I really love her look after the makeover. <3

Kikay Morena