Thursday, August 1, 2013

Brackets and Wires

I now understand why Betty La Fea (lead star of a famous Colombian telenovela which later on was revived by Philippine TV) laughs, speaks and acts that way. It's because of the braces.

I've been wanting to have my teeth braced years ago. I wished I had it when I was younger but I'm still glad I had it now. All for the name of beauty. As they say it, "tiis-ganda".

The braces will be there for two years and adjustments will be every month or every 3 weeks. My dentist is from Bonoan Dental Clinic (located in Alabang and Ortigas). The packages are P35,000 (Braces only), P40,000 (Braces with Retainers) and P45,000 (Braces, Retainers and Teeth Whitening). All packages include unlimited cleaning, light cure and simple extraction (as needed) every visit. I only paid P5,000 as DP plus payment for Xray.

 What they wanted to correct are the following:

1. Minor Crowding
Crowding on my lower teeth started upon growth of my first wisdom tooth.

2. Alignment/ Bite
My front teeth are higher and not aligned to my molars.

In two weeks, I noticed that my lower teeth improved a little. Just a small movement on my crowded lower front teeth.

And so my "tiis-ganda" journey continues and will continue for two years.

The first week was really difficult since I couldn't eat anything hard at all. My diet was limited to ice cream, soups, arrozcaldo, champorado and the likes. After a week I tried eating beef pepper steak but still found it difficult and time consuming. So, thanks to my braces, I can lose the extra fats without effort. ;)

And at night I drool because it gets more painful as the wire moves/ straightens when exposed to more heat (heat increases when we sleep).

Excited to see my improved smile after two years! :)


  1. Hi Kikay Morena, first of all, i like your blog name bec. you're proud of your color. i want to get braces too pero di ba mahirap magpronounce ng words? try to say "matches"? ano ba yang ginamit sayo, buccal tubes or molar band? can i get the email ad of your clinic? and bukod sa 5 K, ano ang magkano pa iba mo binayaran before getting braces like dental x ray, etc? i hope you'll answer all my questions. thyanks and Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi !! i wanted to have braces din after christmas in Bonoan Clinic. How much talaga yung binayad mo, 5k plus xray lang? wala ba silang ibang hihingin na payment para sa check up or what?? nasa 7k kasi ang budget ko for braces baka mamaya kulang pala ang dalhin kong pera.. Reply please..

  3. Huwag na kayo sa clinic na to. Mauubos lang oras nyo sa sobrang dami ng pasyente at sobrang bilis lang ng appointment mo. Hindi din maayos yung result ng ngipin ko after 5 years of wearing it. Tapos sobra ang security ng clinic nila. Sobra pa sa security ng Makati Medical Plaza, malls or kahit sa mga prestigious establishments. Hahalukayin talaga ang bag mo. Parang invading of privacy na.


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