Thursday, August 1, 2013

Close Up Smile

I know it's vain but this is what got me my "You've got a close up smile" remark during my final interview with QR last year - Teeth Whitening! :) LOL

I'm a woman who loves to try out anything that could make me look good as long as it's within budget and it's convenient.

So, I got this teeth whitening promo at Metrodeal for only P1,500 and it originally costs around P20,000. Great deal, right? :)

Whitened Teeth without filter
Sorry, I don't have a before and after photo. But to help you, my teeth became more yellowish before because I drink coffee everyday and I eat lots of chocolates. ;)

I will do another blog on what happens during teeth whitening if I find the photos I took during the procedure last year.

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