Friday, August 2, 2013

Flight Attendant Schools in MNL

These are the different flight attendants schools here in Manila with no particular order. I've researched and personally asked some of the details from their school representatives.

ICATS - International Cabin Attendant Training School
Location: Pasig City
Tuition: P47,500 more or less if installment, less 10% if straight payment
Enrollment Fee: P4,500
Duration: 40 days
Course Program:
Module 1 : Personality Development / Interview Essentials
Module 2 : Aircraft Familiarization
Module 3 : Emergency Situations and Procedures
Module 4 : Customer Relationship and Services
Module 5 : On Board Services

WINGS Institute of Global Careers

Location: ParaƱaque City
24 hours Job Orientation Seminar (3-Days)
48 hours FA 10-day course (10-Days)
120 hours FCC 1 (1-month)
218 hours FCC 2 (2-months)
Course include:
Aviation English
Image Enhancement
Basic Airline Theories
Passenger Service
Interview Success

WCC Aviation Company
Location: Quezon City
Duration: 45 days
Course Program:
Personality Development
Aircraft Familiarization
Safety Procedures
Customer Service
In-Flight Food Service

And these are the common requirements for Flight Cabin Crew Training since they'll offer job assistance after you graduate:
  • Must be 18-30 years old (WINGS requires 18-28 and single)
  • College level (3rd year) or must have finished 2-year or 4-year course
  • At least 5'3" in height for females and 5'7" for males
  • Weight should be commensurate with the height
  • Pleasing personality and positive attitude
  • Never convicted of serious criminal offense/s
  • In good health condition (must have medical exam) eyes not colorblind and must have clear skin; and
  • Must be able to speak and write English language fluently should pass English Proficiency Test)
  • High School or College diploma
  • Transcript of Records
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Passport
  • 2x2 ID & Whole body picture
I may have not included all but these are the schools that continuously run flight attendant classes. And I heard ICATS is accepting enrollees for their September classes already.

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